Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Video Poker Games at Virgin Casino Online

It was a time there was an addition to the category of video poker games at Virgin Casino. Virgin Casino offers very little variations of video poker and therefore the additions are welcome. These new variants are the Microgaming portfolio Quickfire accessible through the platform.

The first versions of new video poker aces and eights. It 'has a very high payouts for Four of a Kind (Aces or Eights) value of the order, which is more than the royal flush. It costs 80 coins per coin wagered on. Four of a Kind (Seven) is also a special payout is 50 coins per coin bet.

These achievements were made possible by the greater reduction in the payment of the four hands of poker at 20 coins per coin bet remaining. Earnings were also slightly reduced and Download Full House. The payout table has been so twisted as to provide a return of 99.09% for the player.

Aces and Eights Video Poker at Virgin Casino offers regular features Micro gaming. Players can bet up to 5 coins per hand. The advantage of betting with 5 rooms lies in the payout for Royal Flush. A 4000 pieces 5 coins bet is more than the pro rata payment of 250 coins per coin bet offered for paris of 4.

The video poker games from Micro gaming game are also available as eight. This allows players to try to double their payments if they wish. The room size varies from 0.25 to 5.00 credit points. The bet is 0.25 minimum bet 1 coin credit. The maximum bet of 5 coins bet is 25.00 points. The Jackpot prize to set up the equivalent of 20,000 credits.

The second video poker In addition to Virgin Casino Bonus Deuces Wild. This variant has two differences from Jacks or Better. The two act as wildcards, and there are special payments for certain poker hand rankings. Natural Royal Flush pays 800 coins per coin bet, but when 5 coins bet. So jackpot is 5,000 coins.

The following disbursements per coin bet is 400 coins for the Four Deuces with an Ace, 200 coins for Four of a Kind (Deuces), 80 pieces for Five of a Kind (As), 40 pieces for Five of a Kind ( three, four or five years), 25 pieces Wild Royal Flush and 18 coins for Five of a Kind (sixes through Kings). Back to the player for Double Deuces Wild is 99.15%.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Online Casino Reviews Directory

You are invited to read online casino reviews and learn the specifics of the various recommended online casinos you will encounter, before making your choice where to play. These pages will serve as your guide to the casino world. The Online Casino Rating & Reviews Team has reviewed all listed online casinos and provides these reviews as player guides for choosing the best online casinos.

This means a government-regulated internet casino, reputable software fairness, secure and fast payouts, large bonus offers and player rewards, high payout percentages, third party certified and 24/7 customer service support. Below are full reviews, online casinos ratings and bonus information of OCR approved online casinos. Download the software or visit the site directly from each casino's review page.

There are many excellent online casinos; you just need to know which ones they are. At Online Casino sites you can read casinos players reviews and find online casinos in the casino index. This index and directory will help you find online casinos by games they offer, online casinos by their software and online casinos by their ratings.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Things About Online Casinos

There are many things you can enjoy a brick and mortar casino. But these things can be seen, moving from one place to another. For example, playing a slot machine and suddenly want to play poker. This means you have to walk, where slot machines are in the poker rooms are. Apart from that can be used until it takes time as well, right? This is just one of many of the hassles you may have to deal with land-based casinos why online casino hit the press.

With the online casino, most of the discomfort of dealing with land-based casinos are directed, not to mention the advance of technology has greatly influenced to simulate a real casino environment, but very accessible from almost anywhere. If you are still not online casino, let's talk about some of the best things about online casinos.

Gambling everywhere
As mentioned, it’s the land-based casino offered in an online community. Except the fact that you are not realistically facing people, a computer instead, there’s not much difference between land-based and online casinos in terms of the games offered and the bonuses associated with it. But, being able to access online casino from almost anywhere is online casinos huge advantage over land-based casinos. All you have to have are an internet connection, a computer and an online casino account, and you can start gambling online from anywhere you want.

Variety of Casino Games
Land-based casinos are pretty much limited to what their gaming machines can offer, thus if you want to offer varieties, it would take time to provide one, not to mention that it can eat up space, as machines can be bulky, and can be maintenance hungry (land-based casinos really have reasons why not to offer varieties). On the flip side, online casinos only need to forward a request to online casino software providers to include game varieties, and these game varieties are made available through the software. That’s it.

Now, what this means to you? Since, online casinos don’t need extra space to host casino game varieties online as well as set aside a portion of their revenue for maintaining the machines, they have all the reason to offer you the kind of bonuses you can’t resist. Is not that one of the things you like about gambling, bonuses?

Alluring Bonuses
And so, we talk about casino bonuses. Since online casinos don’t need budget to maintain machines, but only to casino software development, they have more money to spent on promotions. And since they have money to burn on promotions, there comes alluring bonuses you can enjoy. One of the known online casino bonuses is the welcome bonus, which is automatically given to you after validating a sign-up and making the initial deposit required. How nice is that? If you know your game, this can be gambling for a limited budget. Why? Because, if you know how to spend your bonus, take huge winnings from it, your online gambling investment can only be your initial deposit. Get it? Not a problem if you’ve wasted your welcome bonus, there are still different bonuses you can enjoy such as a reload bonus, which is sometimes given when you make deposits again, comp points, which is playing while earning points that can be converted for a reward, and a lot more.

Instant Play
This is one of the great things I enjoy about online casinos, the instant play feature, also known as the free play. This works really great for me, because I don’t want to be betting on a game I don’t know how to play (that’s like giving your money to the casino the easy way. No way!). This feature can be utilized as a tool to practice and master casino games, though its main purpose is to allow possible customers to test the software offered by the casino, so to help them decide either it’s the right thing for them or not. Most online casinos offer this feature, some even incorporate a bonus on it (no deposit bonus) that’s redeemable after sign-up. The free play doesn’t require sign-up, but sign-up can follow after satisfied with the test play.

No Cash Carry
Sometimes we get the chance. Good luck and saying, what it means to win big pots. Arriving at a slot machine, I could go home from a casino that takes the money you've earned. Is not fear, a huge box significantly in the street? With online casinos, which are the profits go directly to your credit card, bank account or one of the payment methods that meet your choice. What about viewers turning to happy to win big? This could take some of their victory, right? When you play online casino in the comfort of your room, no one to tip, but your dog if you have one.

I could still think of better things about online casinos, but I think that brought to me. What do you think? What are the best things about online casinos you can think outside of the above? Use the comment box below if available.
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