Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Psychic Poker

Have you ever walked into a room and gazed into another person’s eyes and got a "feeling"? A feeling so intense you had to look away. Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? Have you ever felt uncomfortable around a person and thought "this person is BAD" or “good”? On another note do you think you can pick caring humans and honest humans, from the sneaky and sly, nasty ones? Are you becoming a psychic at poker?

At a poker table you rely a lot on these feelings. Some of us just don’t listen to these feelings. Our mind has the tendency to trick us out of listening. If you can pick up on these "feelings" when socializing, you can train your brain to do it at a Texas Hold ’em and Omaha table too.

There are mainly mind facets in a game of poker. A classic example would be Doyle Brunson having the favorite hand of 10, 2 off suit. In theory this hand is a “trash hand” – to be folded as quickly as we see it, but not for a master reader of “feelings” such as Doyle. It is possible that Mr. Brunson would have made a poker psychic! I can't quite remember why that's his favorite hand right now, but my point is, he plays it!

Gus Hansen recently was branded a fish amongst the sharks. I giggled as I sat back and watched him smash heads playing online poker and wipe the table of sharks clean the next day, including the person who made this accusation. Knowing your opponent is important, but knowing yourself and gathering "feelings" is more so.

I use Doyle and Gus as examples for what I refer to as psychic poker. Sure their poker skills are great. But reading feelings, tells and the like is their master trade. The masters watch for not only tells such as heart beats, and other obvious ones that are stated all over the internet and in poker strategy books, but go with their gut, analyze people and overcome any fear they have inside. They KILL the tendency of the brain to trick them out of what they feel, the initial gut feelings they get.
poker psychic
The next time you see a person and get an immediate “feeling” that they are angry with you, that they are sad, overwhelmed or intensely happy - remember, you were right, there is no doubt you were right! The same applies to playing psychic poker you will also be right if you are in the next poker hand and your mind tries to trick you into folding when your initial "feeling" or gutshot told you the person has a much "weaker" hand or "is bluffing". Psychic poker works, try it!

~ Danielle Benham

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