Friday, October 30, 2009

Everest Poker Room Review

Writing this Everest poker room review has been a pleasure. Poker is a very popular poker room. A decisive campaign has given Everest the position as The European Poker Site. If you like to play Holdem or Omaha cash games or tournaments, Everest is a very stable provider with a local touch as you will see in this Everest poker room review . Everest Poker caters for Omaha and Texas Hold'em Players only, they have a great range of stakes and tournament variants available for those who are happy just with these 2 basic games.

Deposit Methods 7/10everest-poker-graph
There are a number of deposit methods available for customers. Regardless of whether you prefer a physical or virtual banking system, Everest caters for you.
1. Visa
2. MasterCard
3. E-Wallet
4. Neteller
5. Click2Pay
6. MoneyBookers
7. PaySafeCard

Bonuses and Promotions 7/10
A $200 sign up bonus is available at Everest poker. The $200 bonus is converted to cash as you earn Summit Points. You earn points by playing real money ring games and tournaments. Summit Points are also part of Everest Poker’s reward program.

After you have made your initial deposit at Everest Poker, you can register for their exclusive $1000 New Depositors Freeroll. This freeroll is open to all new players who make their first deposit within one week of their registration. When you invite four friends who register and deposit you and your friends are eligible for the $5000 freeroll tournament. It really is that simple to make your way into a big bankroll booster.

With Everest Pokers 5 year anniversary comes great 5 promotions. These will only last out the year so jump onto the site for your chance to win in the 500k guaranteed tournament, the $5000 for being the 5 billionth hand or even save in the Everest store 5-55% when making purchases.
Everest has entries into some of the biggest live tournaments in the European areas. These live tournament entries can be won through satellites and even the smallest bankroll has a chance with buy ins as small as $1.

Other Features 7/ 10
Everest poker has a brilliant poker strategy, rules and poker games guides available. In addition to this assistance to its customers, Everest has a player counter so you can see the amount of traffic online at all times. At all times your account balance and chips you have in play are on view in the lobby for quick reference.

Traffic 9/10
There is generally over 10 thousand people online at Everest at any given time. The traffic does fluctuate but usually to a higher rather then lower level.

Withdrawal Methods 8/10
There are a number of withdrawal methods to please most Everest customers. Please take notice of the following information for those who wish to withdraw to Visa or Bank:
Withdrawals can be processed as a credit directly to Visa Credit or Debit Cards issued in most European countries. Please note that your bank may delay posting the funds to your Visa account until the close of their billing cycle.
Withdrawal methods include:Everest-Lobby
1. Visa Credit
2. Visa Debit
3. E-Wallet
4. Cheque
5. Neteller
6. Click2Pay
7. Money Bookers

Customer Service 9/10
Everest poker offers support to their players via email, live chat (available Monday to Friday) and for VIP customers what is know as click to call. Click to call is when a high end VIP customer simply clicks a button and the customer service team calls them on their contact number. It is well worth being in the good books on Everest Poker, special treatment is provided for special customers as i found out doing the Everest poker room review.

Game Selection 6/10 everest-poker

  • No Limit Texas Holdem
  • Pot Limit Texas Holdem
  • Fixed Limit Texas Holdem
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Fixed Limit Omaha

Games are available for all bankroll levels from; beginner to high stakes. Table seating arrangements include from 2 to 10 seats. In reality however; Everest only offers 2 game variants.

Ring Games 6/10

  • No Limit Texas Holdem – Blinds from 1c/2c through to $50/$100 with 2 to 10 seats available.
  • Pot Limit Texas Holdem - Blinds from 1c/2c through to $50/$100 with 2 to 10 seats available.
  • Fixed Limit Texas Holdem – Blinds from 2c/4c through to $50/$100 with 2 to 10 seats available.
  • Pot Limit Omaha - Blinds from 1c/2c through to $20/$20 with 2 to 10 seats available.
  • Fixed Limit Omaha - Blinds from 2c/4c through to $30/$60 with 2 to 10 seats available.

Software 7/10
The Everest lobby software is plain and simple. The lobby poker software is in fact very simple. It is the most basic lobby software seen online to date. The lobby has 4 simple main choices, Holdem, Omaha, Sit N Go's and scheduled tournaments. Simply click on one of the options and your are in the right place. You can then further select through various choices (again by the click of a button) when in your desired area.

The tables have life like avators and run smooth and glitch free, although life like; they are far from the best looking avators, regardless as some believe it is better then none. The tables have plenty of alert noises and the general chat and associated options.

Tournaments and Sit N go's 7/10Everest-Table
As mentioned in the bonuses and promotions section, Everest has a number of tournaments available to gain live entries into some of the biggest European Tourneys. They offer satellites and of course the well loved free rolls. Tournaments can be played in all variants of the available games, Omaha and also Holdem. While doing the Everest poker room review  I found Sit N Go buy in range from 4c+1c though to $1168+$45 (excluding freerolls), obviously the higher the buy in the longer the wait as with all poker sites. Tournament buy ins start with as little as 25 player points or even 10c through to $336+$24.

Special tournaments include the $1000 New Depositors Freeroll, the $5000 freeroll tournament for referring 4 friends and the 500k guaranteed tournament.There are turbo, 6 seater and re-buy tournaments in both the tournaments and sit n go sections. Basically Everest caters for all players in the tournament and sit n go sections who love a game of Omaha or Texas Holdem. Overall  for this Everest poker room review i would give 7.3/10.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Basic Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy

There is a basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy that can beat any holdem poker game. Not all strategies will work interchangeably. Because you are just learning, the assumption is that you will be starting out at low limit texas hold'em poker games.

This article is to help you form a basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy that will beat that poker game. As you move up in limits and find tougher opposition, your hold'em strategy will also have to evolve.


Beating low limit texas holdem isn't easy. In many ways forming a strategy that consistently wins at middle limit is easier. To begin with, there are many books about basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy but most are aimed at the upper limits. Using the same poker strategy at lower limits often will result in a loss, not a win. Next when you are learning Texas Hold’em at the low limits, there are rarely any good poker players to learn from so you get a warped view of how the poker game should be played correctly.

If a player was really good and capable of winning, he would have progressed up the limit ladder to bigger games. You may run into a good player now and then but it is rare compared to the vast amount of poor uninformed players feeding the poker community. Lastly, when you are first starting out, you have no knowledge or bankroll to build upon. Your foundation is little or nothing since there isn't much out there to read or learn. Now with that all said, it is possible to beat low limit holdem and by no means should you think that you need to start higher to have a perfect basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy. The learning curve may be sharp but once you get over the hump you'll find that moving up the ranks is easier than first starting out. You should find comfort in the fact that all the other poker players are facing the same challenges you are.

Taking the step to learn the Basic Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy as opposed to just haphazardly playing gives you a major advantage. A study was performed on college students and their post graduate goals. Of those that actually set goals, more than 90% achieved them. Right now because you are reading this you are on your way to becoming a winning player. And as soon as you do win a few times and leave with other people’s money, I'm sure you'll be hooked and will enjoy your Basic Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is an annual poker tournament held in Las Vegas. In its first year which was 1970, the WSOP was an invitational where Benny Binion invited six of the best known poker players to The Horseshoe Casino. As the years have passed, the event has grown in terms of its prizes, events and participation as well. In its present format, the WSOP consists of 55 events which traditionally take place over one or more consecutive days during the series in June and July.
The winner of each event wins a World Series of Poker bracelet and a monetary prize based on the number of entrants and buy-in amounts. If one takes a look at the history of poker, the WSOP bracelet is the most coveted trophy a player could win and one from the main event is revered above all others. The series features all the variants of poker, but the one that is most played is Texas Hold’em.
The main event of the series is the $10,000 no-limit hold’em where the victor receives a multi-million dollar prize and the series ends. The winner of the World Series of Poker is considered to be the World Champion of Poker. Peter Eastgate is the youngest person to win the main event of the world series of poker.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lucky You Poker Movie Review

Most poker players by now have seen the poker movie Lucky You .I also know for a fact that an equal number of people may have written a lucky you poker movie review about it.  So you may ask why I am discussing this on my blog here. I find lucky you to be linked to various relationships that we have in our lives.

The movie Lucky You however is also a poker love story that many a male or even females can relate. Anyone who lives and breaths poker knows the game has it ups and downs similar to the effects on our various relationships. “Lucky You?” , I read these words and know that the wives, girlfriends, partners of poker players of all levels indeed are not so Lucky in a lot of ways. Poker goes beyond the ups and downs of winning and losing but also the ups and down of personal relationships surrounding players and their families as dictated partially in the film. To be in a relationship with a poker player can be disastrous regardless of the poker players level. Let me explain.

Your mate (partner) may be the worlds best texas holdem poker player, splendid with all the fame and riches that a poker player could possibly have. This does not make the relationship any easier. Poker players have long stints away from home and in-fact the higher they climb the more work there is to be done. Where is the luck in having love like that? A partner one never sees!

The poker profits that your partner may bring home the bacon, fame, fortune, glitz and glamour, regardless they keep you financially stable again though at a cost. Never ending hours on the internet playing or live at casinos. Again, where is the luck in love like that?

The poker movie Lucky You depicts a false sense of security for any person who's partner is a player. It shows the ups and downs, some complications and some great aspect of such relationships. What it doesn't show is: regardless of the biggest win on earth where all you financial gains are credited, where you hug your partner and jump for joy at the successes that once they are a poker player they are always a poker player. The gain for poker accreditation NEVER stops at the big win.

Poker creeps up on us, once it is part of our life it doesn't ever go away. The new movie deal dictates this, as does anyone reading this poker movie review that knows better. In the movie deal for anyone that hasn't watched it, an older man, banned from playing by his wife, a man who has never gained the success he so craved is forced by his inner needs to back and train a young gun. In the end this overwhelms him, he HAS to play, he must do what he set out to and have his name scribed as a poker legend.

Quite possibly the man and wife in the movie Deal could have been used as a follow up couple, a sequel rather; from Lucky You. Combining these two movie s would shows us the real meaning behind love, relationships and poker. Simply doing a  Lucky You poker movie review on its own is not enough to show the real deal. If non poker players watch the movie Lucky You; indeed they would be mislead on the actuality on how poker relationships work. Sequel please producer – lets see this couple in 3 years or as suggested with a sequel such as Deal would be 10, 20 or even 30 years!

Poker based relationships are not as spicy, hot and alluring as these producers make them out to be. Having a relationship with any poker player takes time, patience and effort – alike the game itself. Even those who share poker as a common interest will find troubles along their relationship path with disagreements over hands, play styles and bankrolls. When are we going to see a movie that shows this. One with a question mark at the end of Lucky You?

True love bares no barriers, or so they say! The romance and knowledge based around the movie Lucky You also shows this statement to be somewhat true. Well folks it isn't! Correct me if you believe me to be wrong but most relationships and love affairs based around the game of poker are disastrous in one way or another. For the understanding couples the relationship can last forever, of course as previously stated with ups and downs in accordance with bankroll swings and over seas trips. But without complete understanding (alike our lovely female actress in Lucky You) there is bound to be more than trouble.

I ask you, is the partner of a poker player that wins a million dollars to change their lives forever REALLY “Lucky”?  I ask you is the player who performs a lifelong poker dream in winning such a tournament really Lucky? Lucky You in many ways, Unlucky You in some. Enjoy the relationship ride that comes with this game of poker partnered friends! For the producers Lucky You should not have been based on a fictional love story which is beyond far from the truth!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Poker Forum

Recently I came across a new poker forum called the Funandpoker forum and the threads there took me on a whirl wind tour of the various poker and casino forums. A single search on Google for poker forums threw up 36900000 search results. That sent me spinning in the first place. Just imagine just 1% of these hits represent actual poker forums and that each will have at least 50 members. This translates into an online community of around 18450000 people.
funandpoker forum
Forums represent the single largest source of advice on everything there is to know about poker and casinos. Have a problem with your poker strategy or any queries about poker theory and Texas Holdem. Don’t know what a RNG means and how it protects you, then poker forums are the best place to go. Simply go thru the various categories and then find a tread of your liking and interest.

If you are not satisfied with the 24/7 support that your favorite poker room provides then perhaps a visit to the linked forum would help. After all in most cases you will find your poker query already discussed on some tread or posted by a fellow poker player. You will also end up with a host of opinions and solutions too.

Poker forums are a great way to link with the online poker community. One may even find tips and gossip in the treads that will rival even the best poker news sites around. There are poker forums available online which are dedicated only to a single theme such as poker tournament structures, poker rules, poker chips, playing cards, poker clocks, and poker table supplies. These offer expert opinions and can be used to improve your poker game play All you need to do is actually sign up for free at a poker forum and start a whirl wind tour yourself.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Carbon Poker Review

Writing this Carbon Poker review has been a tough task but finally it  is ready for me to post. Carbon Poker is a growing poker room with very detailed and stylish games. The site features a decent amount of traffic with country specific tournaments and promotions.

Bonuses and Promotions 9/10
Carbon poker offers a 100% sign-up bonus up to $600.00. As with all signup bonuses there are terms and conditions associated with it, such as increments being released as a certain amount of points are accumulated.

Carbon Poker offers an additional sign-up bonus for their new players. When you sign up you qualify for 30 days in the new player freerolls, best of all there is no deposit necessary to play these freerolls. If you are a newly depositing customer you will earn free entry into the new depositor freeroll for 14 days.

Carbons VIP program is one of the many other bonuses on offer. The VIP program offers loyal customers a number of bonuses where points can be used including access to the VIP store with exclusive Carbon merchandise, tournament buy-ins and best of all you can exchange points for cash.

Carbon Poker has a leader board promotion for their Sit N Go players. Basically leader board points are awarded to each player based upon their placings in any Sit N Go tournament. There are over $10,000 in cash prizes to be won each month and an extra $2,000 for the Streaker Leader board. 

Carbon Poker also has a leader board promotion for their multi table tournament players Basically  you accumulate leader board points for every multi table tournament played throughout each full month. The top 100 places receive entry into a Leader  Board Grand Final with a major live seat package for the first place winner.

Carbon Poker has a refer a friend program. The more people you refer to carbon the more you earn. You will earn $25 for yourself for each friend referred, plus you and your referred friend will gain free entry for the $2,500.00 refer a friend freeroll. As with all referral programs conditions apply. Your friend must deposit and have accumulated 250 points.

The royal flush promotion is pretty unique. If you are lucky enough to get a royal flush (must include both hole cards) on any real money Texas Holdem ring game and you will receive a bonus of 100 x the big blind. Lastly Carbon Poker has a Bad Beat Jackpot with huge money involved if you are lucky enough to be bad beaten the right way.

Game Selection 10/10 
Carbon poker offers almost all poker variants that the online giants have on their sites. These variants include the following:
  • No Limit Texas Holdem - 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 blinds with 2 to 9 seats available.
  • Pot Limit Texas Holdem – 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 blinds with 2 to 9 seats available. 
  • Limit Texas Holdem - 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 blinds with 2 to 9 seats available. 
  • Omaha - 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 limits with 2 to 9 seats available. 
  • Omaha Hi-Lo - 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 limits with 2 to 9 seats available. 
  • 7 Card Stud – Pot Limit, 2c/5c/25c through to $2/$4/$25 stakes. Limit, 10c/20cthrough to $25/$50 stakes. Both Pot Limit and Limit are available in 8 seats only. 
  • 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo - Pot Limit, 2c/5c/25c through to $2/$4/$25 stakes. Limit, 10c/20cthrough to $25/$50 stakes. Both Pot Limit and Limit are available in 8 seats only. 
  • 5 Card Stud - Pot Limit, 1c/2c/10c through to $1/$2/$10 stakes. Limit, 10c/20cthrough to $10/$20 stakes. Both Pot Limit and Limit are available in 8 seats only. 
  • 5 Card Draw – 5c/10c through to $10/$20 stakes with 5 seat tables available. 
  • Triple - 5c/10c through to $10/$20 stakes with 5 seat tables available. 
  • Badugi  - 2c/4c through to $10/$20 stakes with 5 seat tables available 
  • HORSE, HOSE, HO, SHOE, RASH and HAR have limits of 10c/25c through to $50/$100. There are 2 to 9 seats available.
Most of the above games are available to play in tournaments. Check the list of tournaments on Carbon Poker once joining on a regular basis to see what is coming up. All games are available as ring games.

Tournaments and Sit N Go's 7/10
Carbon Poker offer freerolls to the total value of $500 daily. Every 4 hours a $50 freeroll runs for all Carbon Poker players. Carbon Poker also offers freerolls for people who have accumulated enough points. The point based buy-in freerolls include the following tournaments:

    * $1,000 Daily Freeroll
    * $2,000 Saturday Freeroll
    * $10,000 Sunday Freeroll
    * $50,000 Monthly Freeroll

You can find  guaranteed tournaments on Carbon Poker at any time. There are multiple buy-ins,  to suit every online poker enthusiasts, guaranteed tournaments included re-buy, add-on and deep stack.

Carbon Poker also offers shoot out, satellite and bounty tournaments for all bankroll sizes. The satellites available on Carbon mean you can gain entry to some of the worlds biggest live events including the WSOP and Aussie Millions for as little as $2.

Tournaments are available to players with entry fees of 6c through to $550. Poker points can also be used to enter some tournaments. Sit N Go's can be played on Carbon from 60c through to $415.

Ring Games 9/10
Although carbon has a load of ring games, they cater for low to medium stakes. High stakes such as $500/$1000 will not be found on this site. All in all their ring game selection and limits are brilliant and suit most players. No Limit Texas Holdem - 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 blinds with 2 to 9 seats availabe
  • Pot Limit Texas Holdem – 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 blinds with 2 to 9 seats available 
  • Limit Texas Holdem - 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 blinds with 2 to 9 seats available. 
  • Omaha - 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 limits with 2 to 9 seats available. 
  • Omaha Hi-Lo - 2c/ 4c through to $50/$100 limits with 2 to 9 seats available 
  • 7 Card Stud – Pot Limit, 2c/5c/25c through to $2/$4/$25 stakes. Limit, 10c/20cthrough to $25/$50 stakes. Both Pot Limit and Limit are available in 8 seats only. 
  • 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo - Pot Limit, 2c/5c/25c through to $2/$4/$25 stakes. Limit, 10c/20cthrough to $25/$50 stakes. Both Pot Limit and Limit are available in 8 seats only. 
  • 5 Card Stud - Pot Limit, 1c/2c/10c through to $1/$2/$10 stakes. Limit, 10c/20cthrough to $10/$20 stakes. Both Pot Limit and Limit are available in 8 seats only. 
  • 5 Card Draw – 5c/10c through to $10/$20 stakes with 5 seat tables available 
  • Triple - 5c/10c through to $10/$20 stakes with 5 seat tables available 
  • Badugi  - 2c/4c through to $10/$20 stakes with 5 seat tables available 
  • HORSE, HOSE, HO, SHOE, RASH and HAR have limits of 10c/25c through to $50/$100. There are 2 to 9 seats available.

Traffic 7/10
Carbon poker generally has 1000 to 2000+ people online at any given time. As with most sites traffic is the highest at peak times. Carbon poker is US friendly adding to the ever increasing drive of traffic to the poker room.

Customer Service 8/10
Carbon Poker offers support 24/7 through means of email and live chat. Most email responses are completed within 48 hours and live chat responses are instant. One interesting fact that i noticed while doing the Carbon poker review is the fact that it does not offer telephone support.

Software 7/10

Carbon poker is a smooth running poker site with bright and clean graphics. Carbon Pokers lobby is divided up making it very easy to find the games that you want. There is also a filter that helps you find exactly what  you are looking for.

The tables are neat and look quit sophisticated. There are no avators (just a small picture box) but this makes little difference to the above board look of Carbon Poker. The table sounds are realistic.

Carbon gives you the latest news when logging in. In addition to this Carbon has a blog site and community section. In this section are all of the poker rules and how to play as well as poker videos and information on poker pros. Carbon has great emoticon s for expressions.

Deposit Methods 8/10
Carbon Poker offers deposit methods to suit most online gamers, these include Visa , Mastercard,eCheck,  Neteller, Click2Pay, 1-Pay, Moneybookers, EcoCard, eWalletExpress, PIC-Club, ClickandBuy and Entropay

Withdrawal Methods 6/10
The minimum withdrawal amount on carbon poker is $25. Withdrawal methods are few but suit most clientele and include:
   1. Check
   2. eWalletXpress
   3. Pic Club
   4. Click2Pay

Other Features 6/10
Carbon Poker has a brilliant emoticon setup to express your feelings whilst at the table. They are cute, lively and large emotes. In addition Carbon provides all the little extra things such as news, blogs and a community section as mentioned above.

Carbon has a brilliant selection of mixed games, it has a lobby containing easy deposit buttons and other buttons to things such as admin, settings and history. One of the best other features is the player counter showing exactly who you are up against at any given time. Overall for this carbon poker review i give carbon poker a rating of 7.7/10.
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