Sunday, October 18, 2009

Poker Forum

Recently I came across a new poker forum called the Funandpoker forum and the threads there took me on a whirl wind tour of the various poker and casino forums. A single search on Google for poker forums threw up 36900000 search results. That sent me spinning in the first place. Just imagine just 1% of these hits represent actual poker forums and that each will have at least 50 members. This translates into an online community of around 18450000 people.
funandpoker forum
Forums represent the single largest source of advice on everything there is to know about poker and casinos. Have a problem with your poker strategy or any queries about poker theory and Texas Holdem. Don’t know what a RNG means and how it protects you, then poker forums are the best place to go. Simply go thru the various categories and then find a tread of your liking and interest.

If you are not satisfied with the 24/7 support that your favorite poker room provides then perhaps a visit to the linked forum would help. After all in most cases you will find your poker query already discussed on some tread or posted by a fellow poker player. You will also end up with a host of opinions and solutions too.

Poker forums are a great way to link with the online poker community. One may even find tips and gossip in the treads that will rival even the best poker news sites around. There are poker forums available online which are dedicated only to a single theme such as poker tournament structures, poker rules, poker chips, playing cards, poker clocks, and poker table supplies. These offer expert opinions and can be used to improve your poker game play All you need to do is actually sign up for free at a poker forum and start a whirl wind tour yourself.

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