Friday, November 27, 2009

Mathematics of poker

Poker mathematics is a fundamental part of the game, especially for serious, hardcore players. No matter what level of play it really should be part of your game. There are some basics which are normally introduced into a player’s game when they are initially starting out such as outs and pot odds. These practices are only a minor part of the game though. If you were to study poker mathematics in-depth and incorporate them into your game it would take some time. There are many equations for the many varied hands in poker, statistics, probabilities and the like to take into consideration.

maths1 Many poker players do not rely solely on mathematics for their game play. Some simply use their player reading skills and the basic poker concepts. This works very well for some players and it is noted that many players have won big time using these methods. Other players rely mostly on pure poker mathematical skills to make every decision at the poker table. This is especially relevant it seems for the young guns of poker.

It seems as time goes on people are relying more so on learning the very science of maths in poker rather than relying on the more historical reading tactics used since the game of poker began. In theory it is a poker revolution. I once wrote an article about poker mathematics in high schools. Based on my research for this article that there will be many more poker mathematical geniuses approaching the tables in years to come; with kids as young as 16 learning statistics and probabilities of certain poker hands even at school.

This level of mathematics studied by students is a level up on the basics pot odds and outs level. It is still a long way from learning in-depth mathematical equations to be used at the poker table. The next level; learning these equations is some task!

The equation for the odds of holding 2 pair is almost four A4 pages long. Need I mention how big the mathematical equation for the odds of holding a Royal Flush is?Other factors and equations involved in the mathematics of poker include variance, risk, estimating parameters and even equilibrium push strategy - which is basically a jam or fold determination mathematical system.

There are plenty of poker mathematics books available on the market that will teach you all mathematical aspects of the game of poker that are mentioned above; plus more. It is suggested prior to purchasing and attempting to learn them you ensure your basic mathematical skills are up to scratch as again, learning the mathematics of poker is no easy task.

The most basic (but still in-depth) poker mathematics book that I personally have managed to find is The Mathematics of Poker by authors Bill Chen and Jerrod Ankenman. I admit to finding difficulties in learning even some of the poker mathematics that is taught in this book. Another more advanced poker mathematics book which I took one look at and put down due to my own personal level based purely on odds only is Texas Hold'em Odds by Catalin Barboianu. This is an excellent poker maths book focusing on one section of poker mathematics. This book is a little harder to find but well worth buying for future reference. Remember the mathematics of poker will never change.

After writing this article I am promoted to pick up the second book I have mentioned (Texas Hold'em Odds) and attempt reading it for the second time. Like with any part of a poker players game our poker mathematics skills are always growing whether we realise or not. Mine have obviously grown. Keep in mind though the few pieces of advice I have for you when studying poker mathematics or even contemplating it. For those who are contemplating remember “ If you assume that poker mathematics isn't an important part of your game you haven't learnt and simply don't know the right maths”. For those who are poker mathematically geniuses “No matter how good your poker mathematics skills are remember that playing poker on a maths based level only isn't going to win you the game, play the game, the people and make strategic decisions based on ALL your skills”.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Unibet Poker Review

A couple of days back i blogged about poker fish. Now let me review a site which has a lot of fish running about. Unibet Poker is a poker room that was launched back in 2004. Unibet is a great site covering most popular poker variants and almost all stake levels and it has the added advantage of attracting a lot of fish.

Software 9/10unibet
Unibet is available for download or to play direct from the internet via flashplayer. It is also Apple compatible. Unibet runs smoothly on even older style Pentium computers so is suitable for people who haven't quite updated their computer equipment.

Unibets lobby is fantastic – if you are not logged in and just want to see whats happening you are taken to an initial black screen with a choice of 3 poker sections, Sit N Go's, scheduled tournaments and cash games. After clicking on any of the selection, you are taken to further selection icons and with a click of a button you are off to your favorite poker variant.

You can of course choose to use the standard lobby which looks like most poker lobby's. The graphics are clean and very bright in black and lime green. Each person can choose their own avatar, being their favorite picture. Table functionality is simplistic. Sounds and alerts are clear.

Deposit Methods 6/10
Deposit options are suitable to most patrons and include:
1. Visa
2. Mastercard
3. Electron
4. Maestro
5. Neteller
6. International Bank Transfer
Please note that on unibet the cashier is called bank.

Bonus and Promotions 7/10
Unitbet poker have a happy hour every afternoon for those coming home from work. For those players who like to sit and relax with a game of poker on their arrival home, nothing could be more suitable then the following Unibet tournaments: Unibet-Table

  • €100 Happy Hour Freeroll NLHE
  • €100 Happy Hour Freeroll 5 Card
  • Happy Hour Re-Buy €200 GUARANTEE
  • €100 Happy Hour Guarantee
  • €100 Happy Hour Freeroll Omaha

In addition they have a bounty tournaments promotion. When you take out your opponent you win their buy-in. The more players you knock out of the tournament, the more money you win. They have 3 bounty tournaments in this promotion:

  • Buy-in Hunter €2
  • Buy-in Hunter €10
  • Buy-in Hunter €50

Traffic 7/10
There are quite a few thousand people online at Unibet at once, generally around 5 thousand players across around 500+ tables, sometimes less. This is a good amount of traffic for action at most levels.

Tournaments and Sit N Go's 7/10
Unibet have the following promotional tournaments which are quite popular.

  • €100 Happy Hour Freeroll NLHE
  • €100 Happy Hour Freeroll 5 Card
  • Happy Hour Re-Buy €200 GUARANTEE
  • €100 Happy Hour Guarantee
  • €100 Happy Hour Freeroll Omaha
  • Buy-in Hunter €2
  • Buy-in Hunter €10
  • Buy-in Hunter €50

In addition they have their regular tournament selection which vary from buy-ins as small as 25c+2c through to €50 +€5. All poker variants can be played although some from time to time only.

Customer Service 9/10
Unibet poker offers service and support via email, telephone, fax and live chat (which is not available 24/7). Please note that there are toll free calls and faxes for residents of the UK but it is apparent that all other countries may have to pay, ensure that you choose the appropriate method for you to keep costs to a minimum.

Cash Out Methods 6/10Unibet-Lobby
Cash out with Unibet is made simple but there are only 2 methods.
1. Bank Transfer
2. Neteller
The bonus with Unibet is there is no minimum or maximum withdrawal amount. It takes 3 to 5 days for bank transfers and up to 48 hours for neteller withdrawals.

Game Selection 8/10
Hold'em – Unibet offers its players No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit Holdem tables from micro to high stakes. Tables are available anywhere from 2 seat play (heads-up) through to 10 seats. All Holdem games are available in tournament play and Sit N Go’s also from micro to high stakes.
Omaha – Unibet offers their customers both Omaha hi and Omaha hi/ lo. The Omaha tables are fairly low in traffic compared to Holdem. 5 and 7 card stud adds to the games list at Unibet. They are less commonly known games but nevertheless available. Stakes vary from micro to high stakes. Unibet poker also offers RAZZ in fixed limit cash games. RAZZ is not very popular in the Sit N Go and tournament sections and the stakes are also limited.

Ring Games 8/10
Unibet Poker offers ring games in a few poker variants. These variants include:

  • Texas Hold'em Poker
  • Omaha Hi Poker
  • Omaha Hi-Lo Poker
  • 7 Card Stud Poker
  • 5 Card Stud Poker
  • RAZZ

Unibet Poker ring games run with tables between two to ten players. The stakes vary in range from high to low stakes (4c/8c - €500/$€1000) what's more there is always action at the tables.

Other Features 8/10
As mentioned in the Unibet poker review above, their software is available for download or to play direct from the internet via flashplayer. It is also Apple compatible. Unibet runs smoothly on even older style pentium computers so is suitable for people who haven't quite updated their computer equipment. This is a great feature for those who travel and don't always have access to their own computer. You can also add your own avator which is a must for some gamers. Preferences are beyond substantial with many available choices. Each and every player has their own page showing their current bonuses, promos and cash – in addition your very own profile.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Poker Fish

This article is not about identifying the fish we have in the ocean, rather The poker fish on poker tables. Poker Players who are fish come from all countries and are found in all limits high and low. Poker players that are fish are also found in all poker variants. For the fisherman of online poker – this could not be better news. One question you must ask yourself is which of the 2 are you? Are you a fish or a fisherman? Many a poker player have said the famous quote “If you haven't worked out who the fish is at the table you are on in the first 5 minutes, the fish is YOU”. I guess this means we all need to snap to it and work out exactly how to identify these poker fish.pokerfishing

So how do we identify the poker players that are fish? Identifying poker fish is easier then one could imagine! Fish on a poker table stand out like nothing on earth. Fish can be identified in under 5 minutes and with ease. Of course these fish would be your prime target. The common poker fish has the following attributes I have identified in point form for you:

  • Fish flat call into most hands
  • Fish call into raises over and over
  • Fish call raises to the river with only Ace high
  • Fish are caught out with absolutely nothing as they chase to the river
  • Fish are easily trapped
  • Fish act out of position and make bets that simply don't add up

These are just common attributes found in poker players branded “fish”. These itemized attributes are the easiest ways to spot fish at all limits in an instant. Now remember, there is a difference between a good poker player making a mistake and a fish. You need to watch for many of the indicators in each poker player at your table to identify the fish, assumptions can not be made. If assumption are made you ARE the fish. A player who flat calls 3 hands in a row could be a great player with 3 great hands, this doesn't make him a fish – and I repeat the word GREAT not MONSTER (where you would raise!). You will determine that a player who has flat called 3 hands in a row is a good player; indicated by the hands that are turned over after play.

As stated above there are fish at all levels. Do not think because someone is playing medium stakes they are not a possible fish. Some people have more money then sense and play online poker as a means of entertainment only. In actual fact there are a load of casual online gamers who have never ending bankrolls. Not every person at higher stakes are online to make money. Poker isn't all serious business, it is to some people FUN!

Now that you know how to identify fish and identifying fish is on your mind – you really need to work on taking their money. Like with a normal fish in the ocean you identify, you have identified fish at the poker table. Put the bait out and trap them. Don't let them limp in with crap hands and trickily trap them in every way. Alike the common goldfish they have poor memories so your traps will be handy multiple times. Enjoy the poker fish!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


PayNoRake is the online poker room dedicated to offering 100% rake back to its customers, paid daily to your poker account. In addition to standard poker games PayNoRake offers Asian card games not usually found on westernized card rooms.

Bonuses and Promotions 10/10 offers the best rakeback deal in the industry.paynorake You get up to 100% rakeback and its paid daily. In addition they offer you promotions, designed specifically to help you.There are a ton of bonuses and promotions so I will briefly list them all. Firstly is the sign-up bonus. If you deposit through Ukash there is a 200% (that's right 200%) bonus up to a massive $1000. This is probably the highest you will find in the area of deposit bonuses on any poker site. The normal signup bonus is 100%.Once making your first deposit you get entry into the newbie tournament. This is a $500 newbie freeroll. Paynorake offers a refer a friend bonus.

Inviting your friends to play at PayNoRake is easy.
1. Open the game client and head to "My Bonuses".
2. Click on Refer a Friend and fill in the form with your friends information.
3. Your friends will receive an email with an invitation to sign up for a PayNoRake account
Your friends and yourself will then receive 100% rakeback for 7 days. The more you refer the more days of rakeback you receive. It is suggested during the 100% rakeback periods you play as much as possible to take full advantage.

PayNoRake has a number of promotions currently running – I will list the current ones, these will however change so keep this in mind. We will try to keep them updated as they change for this site.

  • Win your way to Vancouver winter games through Sit N Go Satellites.
  • Gold Diggers Freeroll tournament – With this tournament you use your gold bars that are collected on site to enter, the tournament runs daily, it is a NL Holdem tournament.
  • PayNoRake has a League of Champions where you can join and play for your chance to win a Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) prize package to one fantastic destination.
  • A 10k guaranteed tournament runs weekly – you can satellite your way through for as little as $1+10c or buy direct for $30+$3.
  • The 200% bonus up to $1000 by depositing via Ukash is sure to not last as good things never do, so it has been added here also.

Withdrawal Methods 6/ 10
Withdrawing from PayNoRake appears pretty easy. There are a few methods to choose from. Below these methods are listed as are approximate time frames to receive your hard earned cash.
1. Withdrawal by Moneybookers (24-48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday)
2. Withdrawal by eWalletXpress (24-48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday)
3. Withdrawal by EcoCard (24-48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday)
4. Withdrawal by NETELLER (24-48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday)
5. Withdrawal by Wire Transfer (up to 7 business days)

Game Selection 7/10
Paynorake has the basic game selection available on most sites. In addition they have on offers; games popular in Asia such as Guts Poker, Chinese Poker, Big 2 Poker and Pan (Panguingue), which are not normally found on Western rooms. The entire selection includes: PayNoRake-Table

  • NL Texas Holdem - from 2 to 10 players – stakes are 5c/10c through to $50/$100. Available in tournaments and Sit N go's.
  • Fixed Limit Texas Holdem - from 2 to 10 players – stakes are 5c/10c through to $50/$100. Available in tournaments and Sit N go's.
  • Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo – offered in 10 seater tables only with blinds of 5c/10c through to $10/$20. Please note that there is minimal traffic in this area of the site.
  • 7 Card Stud hi and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo – Limits from 50c/$1 through to $10/$20. 8 seater tables available only. Please note that there is minimal traffic in this area of the site.
  • 7 Card Stud hi and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo – Limits from 50c/$1 through to $10/$20. 8 seater tables available only. Please note that there is minimal traffic in 7 card stud section.
  • Guts – available from the minimum stake of 10c through to $10 bets. Available in 10 seater tables.
  • Big 2 – 25c bets through to $5 - 4 seat tables available.
  • PAN - 25c through to $25. - 7 seat tables available.
  • 13 Card – 25c bets through to $10 - 4 seat tables available.

Tournaments and Sit N Gos 6/10
There are not a massive amount of tournaments available on PayNoRake, certainly enough to keep most gamers active though. Sit N Go's run constantly so whilst waiting for the bigger tournaments these are always a secondary option. Tournaments start at as little as 10c+1c through to $240+$24. The primary tournament focus is Texas Hold'em with not many other game variants available. Sit N Go's also start from 10c+1c but are through to $200+$10. Sit N Go's are available in heads up (2 players). There are satellites through to the weekly 10K guaranteed tournament and also through to the other current site promotions. Freerolls run daily but there are not too many of them.

Ring Games 6/10
PayNoRake's ring game area is the most popular on the site. 2, 6 and 10 seater tables are available in the texas holdem variant.

  • NL Texas Holdem is offered for 2 to 10 players per table. The stakes are 5c/10c through to $50/$100.
  • Fixed Limit Texas Holdem is offered for 2 to 10 players per table. The stakes are 5c/10c through to $50/$100.
  • Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo is offered in 10 seater tables only with blinds of 5c/10c through to $10/$20. Please note that there is minimal traffic in this area of the site. Omaha does not seem to be very popular on payNoRake.
  • 7 Card Stud hi and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo are available in limits from 50c/$1 through to $10/$20. 8 seater tables are available only. Please note that there is minimal traffic in this area of the site.

Other Features 7/ 10
PayNoRake displays the amount of patrons online 24/7 which is a real bonus. At any time you can guess through this option exactly how long it will take to get a game. The PayNoRake feature obviously the best feature you will find anywhere. When you have 100% rakeback on the site it is again advised you take full advantage of it and play as much as possible.

PayNoRake alike most sites has a hand history feature but in addition to this regular table feature has a button you can press to call floor persons in times of trouble. You are sure to have a peaceful game on this site.

Deposit Methods 8/10
PayNoRake accepts deposits and processes all funds in US dollars only. They have quite a few deposit methods and these cater for the needs of most online gamers. Deposit methods are as follows:

  1. MastercardPayNoRake-Lobby
  2. Visa
  3. Click2Pay
  4. Instadebit
  5. Moneybookers
  6. eWalletXpress
  7. Ukash
  8. EcoCard
  9. EntroPay
  11. UseMyBank
  13. Wire Transfer

Traffic 7/10
PayNoRake has around 2000 people minimum to play against during non peak and a few hundred tables you can join. At peak time the traffic increases. There is always some action for you on this site, regardless of your preference; tournaments or ring games. A traffic meter is displayed in the main lobby.

Customer Service 8/10
PayNoRake offers customer service by email and also live chat, 24/7. They do not offer support via telephone. Every query is responded to in a timely manor, big OR small.

Software 7/10
The graphics on PayNoRake are nothing to brag about. The site however looks very neat and clean and runs extremely well. The software is stable and easy to use. The main lobby splits each poker variant into its own little section and is more then easy to use.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Poker Room Reviews

There seems to be a all sorts of poker room reviews floating online. With new online poker room opening every day. Some rooms fade away as quick as they hit the online gaming arena where as others grow into the largest online poker rooms. Every individual has their own unique definition on what makes a great poker room. Reading authentic poker room review could change your definition on what makes a great poker room as you may not know everything available on each site.

Comparing poker rooms in the form of authentic poker reviews is a huge help for online poker players. By doing an in-depth review on every aspect of a room points things out that ordinarily we wouldn't know. Let's face it, we can't know everything about each and every poker room without poker room reviews as we simply don't play on them all.

review-coverThere are many poker room reviews on the internet. Some reviews available are less then useful as they are compiled by the poker rooms themselves as a means of advertising and also convincing you to their site. Many poker room reviews on small sites are biased and designed to sign you up to the particular room that the site wants you to play on. Usually when this is the case you find just 1 poker room or even 2 or 3 from the same network. Looking for a non biased and unique poker room review such as the ones on are few and far between. The reviews include sites from a number of networks and include the largest online poker reviews. We can be assured that reviews like these are authentic and non biased due to one particular thing: The reviews are scored into sections and calculated into an overall score for the room. The second thing that would indicate a non biased and authentic poker room review would be the fact that the reviews are on a large number of sites, all from different networks as mentioned above.

So just how are these online poker reviews done so they are precise, unique and most importantly authentic? Well, let me tell you it isn't as easy as it looks. A person completing a non biased and authentic poker room review must analyse every aspect of the room from the download page to the speed of the game.

There are certain sections of a poker room which must be looked at very carefully, understood and fine detailed in an authentic poker room review. Doing this on the largest online poker rooms can be a daunting task due to the content in them. It is no easy task to complete, this can be assured.

The reviews on show just what effort must be done to complete the reviews fairly and properly for optimum results for customers. The poker software must be downloaded, played on and have every section reviewed. These sections include:

1. Bonuses and Promotions

2. Traffic Levels

3. Available Games, Tournaments, Ring Games and the stakes and sizes they are available

4. The software performance, graphics and features.

5. Deposit and payment methods

6. Additional or extra features the site may offer that others don't.

This task as mentioned above is a massive task and takes many many hours, it is again not easy and takes a great online poker player with good knowledge of online gaming technology, poker sites and networks to complete. Although this can be attempted by anyone with the credentials they are going to have to have a load of knowledge of many online poker rooms and not just the largest online poker rooms to complete it.

Authentic poker reviews are very necessary to ensure that new online rooms are stacked up against the older and larger sites. Just because they are brand new doesn't mean they don't have an equal amount of winning probability, fun and enjoyment.

Check out authentic poker room reviews (make sure they have the indicated non biased factors) and make sure that you are getting the very best from your room in comparison with the others that are scored. Who knows? You may see a great new feature or find the benefits of changing rooms essential to your game and, without reading the reviews you would never have known.

Friday, November 13, 2009

LuckyAce Poker Room Review

luckyaceWelcome to yet another review this time on LuckyAce Poker.  While doing this LuckyAce Poker room review one exciting thing i found was that they offer a 100% sign up bonus up to $400. What makes their bonus offer better then most is Lucky Ace pay 25% of your Welcome Bonus instantly to your account before you even sit down at your first table. The remaining 75% of your bonus is easy to clear by accumulating Bonus Points.

LuckyAce Poker provides a dynamic poker platform for masses of Poker admirers- beginners and professionals worldwide, playing all of the most popular poker variants online, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, 7 Stud, and more. Lets now go more indepth.

Bonuses and Promotions 7/10
Lucky Ace offers a 100% sign up bonus up to $400. What makes their bonus offer better then most is Lucky Ace pay 25% of your Welcome Bonus instantly to your account before you even sit down at your first table. The remaining 75% of your bonus is easy to clear by accumulating Bonus Points (10 Bonus Points per $1 bonus). As a new player at Lucky Ace, you'll also be entitled to their First Depositors Freerolls. If depositing more then $50 you are also entitled to play in 7 $500 free rolls totaling $3500 in prize money up for grabs. Also on offer a staggering $50k challenge tournament for first depositors each Friday.

Lucky Ace has tell a friend promotion,where they give you a $50 Bonus for each friend you bring to Lucky Ace Poker. Your referred friends will also receive a $25 Welcome Bonus. There is a specific form to fill in and terms and conditions apply, these are standard terms though and mostly relate to the release of the monies. Lucky Ace Poker has a rewards program for its customers where you climb from status to status. The higher you reach, the bigger the rewards and added benefits you receive, like exclusive promotions, special VIP bonuses and hospitality events. There are 6 statuses to climb, each status offering its own unique benefits. Reward points earned can be used in the Lucky Ace store or converted to cold hard cash.

Lucky Ace has a $5000 freeroll, simply log in and play – it really is as simple as that. A reload bonus is available from time to time, currently the reload bonus is up to $200. There is also a $100 depositors free roll each week that you can take advantage of.

Customer Service 10/10
Lucky ace poker is one of the true leaders in customer service. Service and support is available through telephone calls and what's more they are toll free to quite a few countries. A contact form is also available as is 24/7 live chat support. This is truly unbeatable service.

Software 7/10LuckyAcePoker-Table
The poker software at LuckyAce is stable and runs glitch free. Each section of the games lobby is clearly marked and it is quite easy to see the games and section you plan on playing. The tables are neat and clean and easy to use, with real life looking avators available for selection. The sounds and alerts are clear meaning you will never skip a hand. All buttons and table features stand

Tournaments and Sit N Go's 7/10
As mentioned above Lucky Ace Poker offers a load of freerolls for their customers. In addition there are tournaments and satellites to gain you entry into some of the biggest global tournaments such as the up and coming Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

In the stakes range, tournaments start from $1 +10c through to $500+$25. Steps to bigger tournaments are available like with any site through entry with the minimum buy in. Sit N Go's range in limits from 50c+5c right through to a massive $1000 +$30.

Tournaments and Sit N Go's can be played in all poker variants available on site. As with any site though, the larger the buy-in the longer the wait time. Lucky Ace provides quite a few guaranteed prize money tournaments with minimum; even free buy in. Indeed well worth getting into.

Ring Games 7/10
Firstly Lucky Ace have a few jackpot tables available to join, in addition there are of course a number of different ring games you can join in, these are all listed below.
NL and Fixed Limit Holdem are available in stakes from 1c/2c through to $250/$500. Tables can be found for 2 to 10 players. Omaha Hi is available in stakes from 1c/2c through to $30/$60. Tables can be found for 2 to 10 players. Tables are available in Pot and Fixed Limit. Omaha Hi/Lo is available in stakes from 2c/4c through to $30/$60. Tables can be found for 9 and 10 players. Tables are available in Pot and Fixed Limit. 7 Card Stud is available in stakes from 2c/4c through to $30/$60. Tables are available for 8 players only. Fixed limit is the only option for 7 Card Stud. 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo is available in stakes from 2c/4c through to $15/$30. Tables are available for 8 players only. Fixed limit is the only option for 7 Card Stud.

Game Selection 7/ 10

  • Texas Hold'em - NL and Fixed Limit Holdem are available in stakes from 1c/2c through to $250/$500 in ring games. Tables can be found for 2 to 10 players. Tournaments are also available for this poker variant as are sit n go's.
  • Seven Card Stud is available in stakes from 2c/4c through to $30/$60. Tables are available for 8 players only. Fixed limit is the only option for 7 Card Stud. There are no tournaments nor Sit N Go's for this poker variant.
  • Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo is available in stakes from 2c/4c through to $15/$30. Tables are available for 8 players only. Fixed limit is the only option for 7 Card Stud. There are no tournaments nor Sit N Go's for this poker variant.
  • Omaha Hi is available in stakes from 1c/2c through to $30/$60. Tables can be found for 2 to 10 players. Tables are available in Pot and Fixed Limit. There are no tournaments nor Sit N Go's for this poker variant.
  • Omaha Hi/Lo is available in stakes from 2c/4c through to $30/$60. Tables can be found for 9 and 10 players. Tables are available in Pot and Fixed Limit. There are no tournaments nor Sit N Go's for this poker variant.

Withdrawal Methods 9/10
Lucky Ace offers a variety of withdrawal methods for its clients. There are minimum withdrawal amounts like with all sites. The minimum allowable Wire Transfer Cash Out is $20. The other cashout methods have a minimum limit of $6.

Other Features 6/10
Lucky Ace Poker offers quite a few features not available with some sites. Firstly they have a comprehensive games guide so you are sure to know how to play before hitting their tables. They also have a responsible gambling section which is indeed very important and up market.

LuckyAcePoker-LobbyLucky Ace has a players club and a brilliant rewards system. The Lucky Ace shop just another brilliant feature of the site. In addition Lucky Ace makes it quite clear what rake you will pay in any given situation, certainly this is something worth knowing. You will always know which country your competitors are up against with flags shown for each participant upon table or tournament entry.

Traffic 8/10
Lucky Aces is part of a network and has a lot of traffic at all times. Regardless of what stakes you play or what poker variant you will not miss out on action.

All in all for this LuckyAce Poker room review i would say that even though it is reasonably new site and looking to be one of the true giants by the way the traffic is currently.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poker DVD's

Have you ever thought about giving Poker DVDs as a gift to a loved one? There are only so many things we can give for presents come time for Christmas and birthdays. The task of selecting gifts for poker players who live and breath poker is even harder. To make it even harder again, most poker players are already equipped with everything they need – poker shirts, I-pods and MP3 players, caps, cards are some examples. However there is something that can be purchased that is sure to keep them happy and content, a Poker DVD gift.

A poker DVD gift can be found in many variations including poker movies, main event memorabilia or instructional DVD's. If selected correctly a poker DVD is something that will never out date and will be treasured forever by all poker enthusiasts. 

The perfect poker movie DVD can be found online for sale at all good online DVD stores. Instructional specific DVD's can be a little harder to find and mostly sold on Cash-Pokerpoker specific sites. A lot of the time instructional DVD's must be ordered in. Make sure if planning to purchase an instructional DVD you get in fast as there will be delays. Replays and memorabilia of main events can be found mostly though casino websites. The Aussie Millions DVD's are a classic example of memorabilia, these found by visiting the Crown Casino website where the event is held. The same applies to the likes of the EPT. Although mostly sold through the actual casinos, the DVD's can from time to time be found elsewhere. Check your prices out prior to your purchase to find the best deal.

When determining what type of poker DVD you need for that special someone there are a few things you should do. Firstly check their current collection, a fairly obvious thing to do. The last thing you want is to be giving them a DVD they have already! This is sure to disappoint.

If they have no poker movie DVD's I personally would choose to purchase one of the many available. There are quite a few titles to choose from both old and new. Being a poker player I know that I will never get sick of watching any film that is poker related.

If you decide to go with memorabilia poker DVD it is probably a good idea to find a reply of an event that that special someone has played in or been to. If they haven't played in such large events find out who their favourite poker player is. A poker DVD showing a final table to which their favourite player has either won or even played on is definitely something they are going to want to keep a copy of.

The purchase of instructional poker DVD's can be a little tricky when the purchase is not for yourself. It is of most importance when choosing an instructional DVD for another person that you check quite a few things out. Buying an Omaha instructional DVD for a person who only plays NL Holdem is not a good idea unless its something they want to learn. Finding out the poker variant they play and the level that they are at is a must. If you Stoxtrader's-High know very little about poker yourself, it maybe an idea to be a little sneaky and tell them you are interested in learning yourself. Have the person show you what DVD's they suggest YOU buy for you and at the same time find out what they would buy asking something like “Wow! You are that far advanced in poker compared to me?” Then get them to tell you what they would purchase for themselves – again being very sneaky, you cant have your idea of a poker DVD gift for that special occasion being given away.

Poker DVD's vary rapidly in prices. Some of the older DVD movie s can be found for as little as  $10. A Poker DVD gift pack in this case is perfect! More for your money is always the best option. Instructional DVD's can be quite expensive, especially if you are choosing a DVD such as Stoxtrader's High Stakes Hold 'em Poker 4 DVD Set or the like. Choose wisely as stated above for their level and type of play. A memorabilia DVD can cost anything from $19.95 through to $150 if autographed by an event winner. Although an autographed memorabilia DVD gift can be quite expensive for what seems to be “just a disc” to you it is something that will definitely be the hype amongst friends, relatives or anyone else that your loved one knows that plays poker. Remember though when purchasing this type of autographed poker DVD that you get a guarantee from a reputable seller. The last thing you want is to spend that much money on a fake.

Lastly if the DVD is for yourself I still suggest you follow a few of the directions stated above. Sometimes spoiling ourselves is the right thing to do and I am certain that you also do not wish to be disappointed by your poker DVD.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Party Poker Room Review


While doing this party poker room review, one astonishing fact which came out was that party poker is the largest poker rooms online and having some of the weakest competition out there. This site has rebuilt its player base and has become the largest non-US poker room online.

Bonuses and Promotions 10/10
Party Poker has a welcome bonus for its new customers. The bonus is simple, Party Poker match whatever you deposit; it is only up to $100 though. The bonus is delivered in 10 bite sized chunks. So if you deposit $100 you will receive your bonus in $10 increments.

After you have signed up and made your first deposit, you are eligible for the exclusive entries into daily freeroll qualifiers. This is part of Party Poker's Bakroll builder promotion. This depositor's bonus lasts for 60 days after you've made your first real money deposit. If you qualify you have the opportunity to play in $2500 freerolls. The steps up continue as you continue to win, if you do well in $2500 freeroll you'll be able to play for some serious cash in the $10000 monthly finale. There are more than 100 chances to win cash in the first 60days, and what's more, it's free. There are an additional 100k of freerolls each month.

While doing this party poker room review, i realized that another bonus Party Poker offers is "the bad beat jackpot". Sit down at any red marked bad beat jackpot table and cop a bad beat and you could be a lot richer, even after losing. Party Poker collect 50 cents from the pot of every raked hand played on the Bad Beat Jackpot tables, so the jackpot grows the more you play. With more than 100 tables, the jackpot typically increases by $1000 every hour. You win the bad beat jackpot if you are on one of these tables and you lose with a hand of Four of a Kind, 8s, or better. 70% of the jackpot is distributed and 20% used as a seed for the next jackpot. 10% is retained by Party Poker as an administrative fee. Of the distributed amount, 50% goes to the loser of the hand (the Bad Beat), 25% goes to the winner, and the remaining 25% is split between the other seated players who took part in the hand. Players who sat out of the hand will not receive a portion of the jackpot.

Party Poker offers continual new bonuses. Everytime you look at your account there seems to be a new bonus offer where you get cold hard cash. Party Poker are always looking after their players in this respect. These continual bonuses work much the same as the first depositor's bonus but are generally released in 2 increments.

Party Poker alike other sites offer a points system, where the more you play the more you earn. These points are not only used for the release of bonuses but remain in your cashier account even after your bonuses are released. Furthermore; you can use these points for the purchase of Party Poker merchandise from their unique store or even for tournament entries. Other bonuses or in this case promotions include the slashing of charges for all single-table tournaments over $200 to a flat $10 fee. No matter how high the stakes, the fee will be just $10. Party Poker have introduced a complete range of high-end Single Table Tournaments with buy-ins all the way up to $5,000. So with a fee of just $10 - far less than any other poker room - you'll be getting tremendous value.

Tell a friend bonus is just another bonus on offer from Party Poker. Let a friend know about Party Poker and when your friend deposits and start playing and you receive $100 and your friend gets $50. This is subject to conditions which you will find within your account under "tell a friend". When it comes to bonuses, they never seem to stop at Party Poker and there is something for everyone! Indeed Party Poker is the strongest online poker site when it comes to customer loyalty rewarding.PartyPoker-Lobby

Ring Games 10/10
When it comes to playing in ring games (or cash games as some call them) Party Poker is pretty high up the ladder with what they offer. Stakes in ring games are from1c/2c through to $250/$500 depending on the poker variant you choose. If you play low limit stakes or high stakes there is a table for you. You can sit and play heads-up against an opponent on 6 and 10 seater tables. There are a variety of games to choose from including NL Hold'em, Pot Limit Hold'em, Limit Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha hi/lo, and 7 card stud. Party Poker has a section for beginners only so anyone starting out has a great chance of playing a good game.

Tournaments and Sit N Go's 10/10
Party Poker is home to some of the biggest online tournaments available. Each month, Party Poker has a $1,000,000 guaranteed on the first Sunday of every month. You can qualify for this tournament from as little as a $1 buy-in.

Party Poker also has a $300,000 guaranteed tournament on Sunday's and gaining entry is just as cheap as the 1mil dollar tourney. You can do this by playing in the 50 seat frenzy where 50 seats are up for grabs. Entry into the 50 seat frenzy is $15, alternatively you can play in one of two $2 qualifiers or in a daily freeroll for your specific country where the top 10 players receive an entry. now offers over $6 Million a month in Guaranteed Tournaments. With a variety of buy-ins suited to every bankroll and different game types. Something very unique in this party poker room review is that  Party Poker guarantees the prize pool amount before the commencement of the play in all guaranteed tournaments so you may have less people to beat then you expect,

On the lowest scale of the tournament ladder, Party Poker offers continual freerolls to its customers daily. These range is from $100 upwards. This is a great opportunity to experience the Party Poker tournament world for all new players and also increase your bankroll at the same time. There are also as mentioned above, new depositor freeroles. On the scale of low limit buy-ins, Party Poker tournaments start from $1 each right through to your desired limit. The tournaments at these levels include regular tournaments through to satellites for the major Party Poker tournaments mentioned above. They also have qualifiers for major live tournaments such as the poker news cup which has qualifiers running as this review is written.

Tournaments for almost every poker variant can be played...
To save you waiting for your tournament to start, Party Poker offers Sit n Go's from a minimum $1, through to a massive $5010. There is a Sit N Go to suit every budget with minimal wait. Again, these are available in most poker variants. Satellites for the major tourneys are also available by simply sitting and going.

Party Poker has incorporated a Steps Challenge for low limit playing Sit N Go fans. It is a six step challenge where you can turn $3 into $2000. The idea is simple. Buy in to any of the six levels and place first, second, or even third in some levels, to move up to the next step. Place further down and you can still win a chance to try either the same level or a lower level step again. This is a great opportunity for every Sit N Go player who wants to take on the challenge.

Software 9/10
The poker software is simple to use, the main lobby has things pointed out precisely. It is easy to find your way around the party poker site. The graphics are not the best available online, but if your computer and internet speed isn't the fastest it will suit your needs. You can choose to use your own avatar or one of the ones available which are of things such as high heels, trees and lobsters. I prefer to use my own face at the table, each time you choose to change your avatar it must be approved by party poker. Choice of custom picture is a great feature and highly regarded by most people who discuss Party Poker. You have the option to switch from avatars and change card colors at tables. You can change the table themes to one that suits your liking. You can go back to the older style, original party poker tables with standard avatars also.The software runs smooth and is clear and precise. Favourite tables and games are displayed when signing in. There are many great features about Party Poker Software. The software is reliable and stable.

PartyPoker-Table Payouts 8/10
Payouts are easy, very non complicated with Party Poker. They are handled fast and professionally. Direct bank transfers are received within 3-5 working days worldwide and that's just unbeatable. Other withdrawal methods (depending on country) include:

  • Netteller
  • EntroPay
  • Money bookers
  • Check by mail
  • Check by premium delivery
  • Bank Wire Transfer

Each withdrawal method allows a minimum of $50 and the maximum varies up to the sum of $10,000 for the local bank transfer method. Some methods are almost instant; pending approval and others take 3-5 working days.

Customer Service 10/10
There is no need to wait for email replies from Party Poker. Party Poker is available toll free or for the cost of a local call from anywhere in the world. Their support is second to none. If you would rather email, replies are quick and precise. There is no comparison to support online.

Traffic 8/10
Party Poker is one of the true online gaming giants with a fair amount of action available 24/7 at most levels of play. The restrictions on US customers however have slowed a lot of this giant's traffic. High stakes play attracts the least traffic.

Games Selection 7/10
Doing the Party Poker room review i realized that Poker offers its players No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit Hold'em tables from micro to high stakes. Tables are available anywhere from 2 seat play (heads-up) through to 10 seats. All Hold'em games are available in tournament play and Sit N Go's also from micro to high stakes.

Omaha - Party Poker offers their customers both Omaha hi and Omaha hi/ lo. The Omaha tables are fairly low in traffic compared to Holdem. Omaha is available to play from 25c/50c through to the high stakes levels. Tournaments and Sit N Go's run fairly often.7 card stud adds to the games list on Party Poker. It is a less commonly known game but again, available from low to higher stakes.Party Poker lacks some poker variants such as RAZZ and H.O.R.S.E. If poker variants such as razz are not your cup of tea all isn't lost.partypoker-graph

Other features 7/10
Party Poker has a few other features available to its customers including the key system. As you earn more points you unlock availability of more items in the Party Poker shop. Party Poker has the extra feature of an attached online casino suite. Transfer of cash can be made to friends who play on the site. Gift Certificates are available for purchase.

Overall for this party poker room review i will give a score of 8.8/10 .

Friday, November 6, 2009

Poker Lingo

We see it everywhere we go, and it's alien like lingo to some of us. I am talking lingo! Lingo is used in instant messages and text messages, we see it when talking about computers and high level technology and we of course have poker terms. At times a poker dictionary is almost required. For the newbies in poker and sometimes even more advanced players; poker terms really are like talking an alien language. Poker language always comes out of peoples mouths when we least expect it to – on the tables when we are trying to concentrate and while talking to poker pros when we really want to understand what they are lingo Poker lingo is found all over the internet and is used widely across poker forums and online poker sites. To have a poker lingo or poker dictionary handy to give us poker definitions is a must. There are literally hundreds of poker only words and thankfully there is a poker lingo dictionary for us to use at The poker lingo dictionary is packed with words from A to Z that are used widely in then poker community. No longer will you be wondering what Broomcorn's Uncle means or other lingo such as Steamrolling, Gut Shot and Scoop.

Imagine the embarrassment of continually asking what these words mean (most likely you have already suffered some). Most poker players gradually learn the lingo, others being poker players bluff their way through conversations that contain such lingo and track the meaning down at a later stage. With a poker dictionary at hand 24/7 there is no need to worry about being hit with a term on or off-line that will cause you embarrassment as you do not understand.

A poker glossary is a very important thing to have by your side or in mind. Sometimes new players think it isn't important to learn poker lingo, but when it comes to testing out our opposition indeed it is as important as any other poker knowledge you can take to the table. Obviously on the other hand if you can use heaps of poker lingo that no-one else understands you can completely confuse them and put them on tilt at your convenience. Poker lingo can be as much as a weapon as it is a crutch.

Making poker language a big part of your poker life is going to happen at one stage or another. Best of luck with learning it and may you use your poker lingo to the best of its; and your ability!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pokerstars Poker Room Review

Carrying forward with my review series lets have a pokerstars poker room review today .PokerStars is the largest poker site in the world, offering massive volume in cash games and tournaments and action at almost any game and limit 24 hours a day. In my review I have given a score of 8.7/10. Let me break it down further 

Bonuses AND Promotions 10/10
Poker Stars offers an incredible 100% bonus up to a poker-stars-graphtotal of $600, again this is one of the highest of all internet gaming sites. What’s more it is on your first three deposits. Your two further deposits can be up to 90 days after your first deposit. It’s the perfect way to boost your bankroll, and all you have to do to release the bonus is keep playing at Poker Stars poker room. They also offer reload bonuses for existing players at different times throughout the year. With Poker Stars you earn frequent player points to redeem bonuses. Not only can you use these points for tournament entries but also in the VIP store.

One thing i liked this site while doing the pokerstars poker room review  is the promotions with Poker Stars never stop. They currently have nine different promotions happening. These promotions are always changing so writing them all down one by one on a review site would be stupid. There is just too many. The best method to check out the promotions is to download and install poker stars and decide for yourself whether the promotions suit you. You won’t be disappointed with Millions of dollars up for grabs no matter what level of stakes you play. An instant 10 points for this site, Poker Stars promotions are HOT.

Deposit Methods 7/10
Poker Stars has a number of deposit methods catering for the needs of most online gamers With 11 options in total. This is much the same from country to country meaning little confusion is involved. They are as follows:

  1. Poli
  2. Mastercard
  3. Diners Club
  4. Visa
  5. Netteller
  6. Western Union
  7. Local Bank transfer
  8. ClickandBuy
  9. Click2Pay
  10. Web Money
  11. Entro Pay

Ring Games 10/10
When it comes to playing in ring games (or cash games as some call them) Poker Stars has them all. Whether you want to play low limit stakes or high stakes there is a table for you. You can sit and play heads-up against an opponent or 6 and 9 seater tables. There are a variety of games to choose from including: PokerStars-Table
NL Holdem, Pot Limit Holdem, Limit Holdem, Omaha, Omaha hi/lo, 2-7 triple draw, 2-7 single draw, 5 card draw, badugi, RAZZ, HORSE and HOSE. Stakes start at a tiny 2c /4c blinds (micro tables) right through to $1000/$2000 blinds (high stakes). In the high stakes area you can usually find “poker stars” which are professional poker players who are sponsored by the site. These poker stars generally feature on the bottom of the lobby.

Tournaments and Sit N Go's 9/10
Poker Stars is home to some of the biggest online tournaments available. Each week, Poker Stars has a strict tournament structure and beyond this offers satellite entries into some of the biggest live events in the world. Here's a quick look of the types of tournaments on offer which i found while writing this pokerstars poker room review – these are available in most poker variants:

Sit & Go
Double or Nothing & Steps
Multi-Table Tournaments
Rebuy Tournaments

As mention above and beyond these tournaments no matter what type you play qualification into live events around the world is common on this site. The tournament structure will not disappoint even the smallest of gamers with micro tourneys and freerolls available regularly, the prizes however are usually prizes for a tournament 1 step higher.

Customer Service 5/10
Pokerstars poker room has an above average email support system. Unfortunately, that's all they have in the lines of support. Pokerstars offers email responses promptly and have staff attending to them 24/7. Although prompt they can take a while due to the amount of traffic they have on site. Pokerstars also has an FAQ section you can browse over prior to contacting them.

Traffic 10/10
Pokerstars is now one of the true online poker site giants. You will never be short of a game on this site with thousands of people flocking to the table each day. Pokerstars is one of the most popular online sites with tournaments and ring games at all levels running non stop. You wont be upset with the amount of traffic on this site.

Software 9/10pokerstars
The poker software never lets you down. The software runs without any glitches and is bright, attractive and clean cut. Pokerstars users have the ability to use their own avators and swap to a various number of tables looks at any time. The lobby looks a little high tech at first but with all the features available in it; this is expected. It doesn't take long to work out how the lobby runs and the filters work.

A bonus on pokerstars is the fact that you will not have observers typing as you play unless they have enough buy-in for that particular tournament. This is a great feature for those playing high stakes that don't wish to be bothered. There are masses of good points about the pokerstars software, the only real way to experience the greatness of this site is to play on it.

Game Selections 10/10
NL Holdem, Pot Limit Holdem, Limit Holdem, Omaha, Omaha hi/lo, 2-7 triple draw, 2-7 single draw, 5 card draw, badugi, RAZZ, HORSE and HOSE. There isnt a poker variant that most players play not available on pokerstars. It has the most poker variants available online and the best part is they are all available in micro stakes through to the high stakes level. What more can be said? Poker stars offers it ALL.

Other Features 8/10
Pokerstars welcomes you each time you log on with the latest news updates. As mentioned above, they also provide a number of playing environments; choosing your own table preference and avator is easy. The filter system is magnificent and can be used to block out anything you dont want to play in. Poker stars offers replays so you can see exactly where you went wrong in any given hand. It also shows replays of final tables.

In conclusion, PokerStars is a site that’s worth playing on without a doubt, a true online poker giant . Hope you liked my pokerstars poker room review.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Poker Movies

It seems the harder I look the more I realize that poker movies of young and old have somewhat been a failure in the filming industry, being less then popular. The industry seems to have made very little money over recent movies Deal (2008) and also Lucky You (2007). Most full time poker  players know of these movies but for someone who is not in the poker industry remembering these as poker movies is a very daunting task. One of my dear friends is a real movie buff and even he doesn't know of them or has them in his more then massive sized collection. Can one assume that it is because the movies are about poker which has a limited audience that's interested?

No Limit poker movieAfter reading a lot of articles on poker movie reviews and the filming industry poker movie luckytownI ended up with the conclusion that not all poker movies to date have been complete failures. Maverick (1994), Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Casino Royal (1967) were fairly big hits in the filming industry. The Cincinnati Kid (1965) and also Vegas Vacation (1997) prove that there are some known poker based movies out there. These poker based or related films had a fair amount of popularity amongst people who do not play poker. Even though these movies are not as commonly talked about in the poker industry they were more well known then the others outside of it. The reason for this I analyzed were the actors and actresses in the movies. Let's face it, everyone knows who Nicole Kidman is right? They also know the name James Bond! The more well known the actors and actresses, the more it seems the movies popularity increases and the more money it makes. This means that the poker content has absolutely nothing to do with a poker movies popularity.
poker movie Lucky You There have been some real poker movie flop's. There have been some movies that slipped my mind. Could it be the case that poker movies such as Run (1991), Five Car Stud (1968) and High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003) could be box office hit's (or could have been) if only the producers had placed different actors and actresses in them? Surely even the poker movie The Gambler (1974) would rock this world if it is reproduced but with the more famous actors of our time.
Nicole Gordon states in an article she wrote in October of 2008 titled Why Poker Movies Have Failed... Thus Far states “If a movie is good, people more often than not tend to see it. It doesn’t matter if it’s about poker, the apocalypse, or hot-air ballooning. If Lucky You was good, even a little bit good, I truly believe it could have found some sort of audience”.
poker moview Vegas VacationDo you think Men in Black as an example of a box office hit movie would have been just that (a box office hit) without Will Smith in it? To look at another point that makes her statement and article impartial is to look at a poker movie failure and change the actors and actresses. If Lucky You had actors more famous then Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore acting in it – do you not think it would have been more of a success. Let's say we replaced Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore with Will Smith and Angeline Jolie – fanatics would flock to see it! Suddenly lucky you wouldn't be so bad after all!
I will leave it up to you to make your final decision on whether I am right or wrong . Maybe Jolie and Smith wouldn't be the perfect choice as actress and actor couple in lucky you. They sure would make a difference in my opinion and make it a great poker movie to watch.
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