Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Poker DVD's

Have you ever thought about giving Poker DVDs as a gift to a loved one? There are only so many things we can give for presents come time for Christmas and birthdays. The task of selecting gifts for poker players who live and breath poker is even harder. To make it even harder again, most poker players are already equipped with everything they need – poker shirts, I-pods and MP3 players, caps, cards are some examples. However there is something that can be purchased that is sure to keep them happy and content, a Poker DVD gift.

A poker DVD gift can be found in many variations including poker movies, main event memorabilia or instructional DVD's. If selected correctly a poker DVD is something that will never out date and will be treasured forever by all poker enthusiasts. 

The perfect poker movie DVD can be found online for sale at all good online DVD stores. Instructional specific DVD's can be a little harder to find and mostly sold on Cash-Pokerpoker specific sites. A lot of the time instructional DVD's must be ordered in. Make sure if planning to purchase an instructional DVD you get in fast as there will be delays. Replays and memorabilia of main events can be found mostly though casino websites. The Aussie Millions DVD's are a classic example of memorabilia, these found by visiting the Crown Casino website where the event is held. The same applies to the likes of the EPT. Although mostly sold through the actual casinos, the DVD's can from time to time be found elsewhere. Check your prices out prior to your purchase to find the best deal.

When determining what type of poker DVD you need for that special someone there are a few things you should do. Firstly check their current collection, a fairly obvious thing to do. The last thing you want is to be giving them a DVD they have already! This is sure to disappoint.

If they have no poker movie DVD's I personally would choose to purchase one of the many available. There are quite a few titles to choose from both old and new. Being a poker player I know that I will never get sick of watching any film that is poker related.

If you decide to go with memorabilia poker DVD it is probably a good idea to find a reply of an event that that special someone has played in or been to. If they haven't played in such large events find out who their favourite poker player is. A poker DVD showing a final table to which their favourite player has either won or even played on is definitely something they are going to want to keep a copy of.

The purchase of instructional poker DVD's can be a little tricky when the purchase is not for yourself. It is of most importance when choosing an instructional DVD for another person that you check quite a few things out. Buying an Omaha instructional DVD for a person who only plays NL Holdem is not a good idea unless its something they want to learn. Finding out the poker variant they play and the level that they are at is a must. If you Stoxtrader's-High know very little about poker yourself, it maybe an idea to be a little sneaky and tell them you are interested in learning yourself. Have the person show you what DVD's they suggest YOU buy for you and at the same time find out what they would buy asking something like “Wow! You are that far advanced in poker compared to me?” Then get them to tell you what they would purchase for themselves – again being very sneaky, you cant have your idea of a poker DVD gift for that special occasion being given away.

Poker DVD's vary rapidly in prices. Some of the older DVD movie s can be found for as little as  $10. A Poker DVD gift pack in this case is perfect! More for your money is always the best option. Instructional DVD's can be quite expensive, especially if you are choosing a DVD such as Stoxtrader's High Stakes Hold 'em Poker 4 DVD Set or the like. Choose wisely as stated above for their level and type of play. A memorabilia DVD can cost anything from $19.95 through to $150 if autographed by an event winner. Although an autographed memorabilia DVD gift can be quite expensive for what seems to be “just a disc” to you it is something that will definitely be the hype amongst friends, relatives or anyone else that your loved one knows that plays poker. Remember though when purchasing this type of autographed poker DVD that you get a guarantee from a reputable seller. The last thing you want is to spend that much money on a fake.

Lastly if the DVD is for yourself I still suggest you follow a few of the directions stated above. Sometimes spoiling ourselves is the right thing to do and I am certain that you also do not wish to be disappointed by your poker DVD.

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