Friday, November 6, 2009

Poker Lingo

We see it everywhere we go, and it's alien like lingo to some of us. I am talking lingo! Lingo is used in instant messages and text messages, we see it when talking about computers and high level technology and we of course have poker terms. At times a poker dictionary is almost required. For the newbies in poker and sometimes even more advanced players; poker terms really are like talking an alien language. Poker language always comes out of peoples mouths when we least expect it to – on the tables when we are trying to concentrate and while talking to poker pros when we really want to understand what they are lingo Poker lingo is found all over the internet and is used widely across poker forums and online poker sites. To have a poker lingo or poker dictionary handy to give us poker definitions is a must. There are literally hundreds of poker only words and thankfully there is a poker lingo dictionary for us to use at The poker lingo dictionary is packed with words from A to Z that are used widely in then poker community. No longer will you be wondering what Broomcorn's Uncle means or other lingo such as Steamrolling, Gut Shot and Scoop.

Imagine the embarrassment of continually asking what these words mean (most likely you have already suffered some). Most poker players gradually learn the lingo, others being poker players bluff their way through conversations that contain such lingo and track the meaning down at a later stage. With a poker dictionary at hand 24/7 there is no need to worry about being hit with a term on or off-line that will cause you embarrassment as you do not understand.

A poker glossary is a very important thing to have by your side or in mind. Sometimes new players think it isn't important to learn poker lingo, but when it comes to testing out our opposition indeed it is as important as any other poker knowledge you can take to the table. Obviously on the other hand if you can use heaps of poker lingo that no-one else understands you can completely confuse them and put them on tilt at your convenience. Poker lingo can be as much as a weapon as it is a crutch.

Making poker language a big part of your poker life is going to happen at one stage or another. Best of luck with learning it and may you use your poker lingo to the best of its; and your ability!

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