Friday, February 26, 2010

Fantabulous Poker Pots

Over the years, massive poker pots have been won by some of the best poker players across the globe. Due to the sheer size of these pots, i refer them to as fantabulous poker pots.  So which is biggest pot among all the fantabulous poker pots? Well, this was played on the 21st of November 2009 in the heads up Pot Limit Omaha game between a Finnish pro Patrick Antonius and Swedish online poker player Isildur1, whose identity till this day remains a mystery. The gigantic pot saw a total of $1,356,948 and no it isn’t a phone number, it’s the actual size of the pot that was taken down by the Finnish pro. Hence its no surprise that it tops the list of the fantabulous poker pots.fantabulous poker pots

The previous largest poker pot also involved the anonymous Isildur1, but this time around things were a bit different; his opponent was the legendary Phil Ivey who suffered a bad beat at the hands of the tenacious Isildur1. The Swede staying true to his style of play has recorded some of the most fantabulous poker pots in the history of the online game going logger heads with some of the games greatest like Phil Ivey, Patrick Antonius, Ziigmund, etc. Besides the sensational Isildur1, some of the other poker playing greats who have recorded their name in my list of fantabulous poker pots would be Gus Hansen, Brian Townsend, Tom Dwan aka durrrr, etc.

This list below is a testament to Isildur1’s greatness among the Online Poker Gods and cements his name in the list of most fantabulous poker pots of all time.

$1,356,947 - Patrik Antonius (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$1,127,955 - Isildur1 (winner) vs. Phil Ivey, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$878,959 - Patrik Antonius (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$832,940 - Phil Ivey (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$827,960 - Isildur1 (winner) vs. Phil Ivey, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$815,975 - Isildur1 (winner) vs. Patrik Antonius, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$810,984 - Patrik Antonius (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$787,999 - Isildur1 (winner) vs. Ziigmund, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$783,985 - Patrik Antonius (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$774,910 - Patrik Antonius (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$757,998 - Brian Townsend (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$743,933 - Phil Ivey (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$719,908 - Isildur1 (winner) vs. Brian Townsend, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$708,988 - Ziigmund (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000

$694,979 - Phil Ivey (winner) vs. Isildur1, PL Omaha - $500/1000fantabulous poker pots

The above was my observation of the fantabulous poker pots that have gone down in the annals of poker history. Online poker has been constantly witness to some of the most fantabulous poker pots and the pot sizes will only keep getting bigger as long as players like Isildur1 are around.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is one of the most ancient sports, its roots date back to the prehistoric nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia who first domesticated the horse around about 4500 BC. Since then, Horse Racing flourished as the sport of kings and the nobility. In recent times it has become a novelty for many, both as a sport a well as a means of gaining revenue and rewards. horse racing

Horse racing was for centuries, a sport fit only for the Royals and the Elite classes of society, the Middle classes had neither the means nor the access to such luxuries. The recent booming economy coupled together with the growth of the middle class has brought Horse Racing to the so called ‘common man’.

With the extensive increase in fan following horse racing has found a place ‘in the hearts of many’ or rather in the ‘wallets of many’. The most recent developments in Horse Racing include the introduction of online betting. Along with the sport, the betting has also evolved with people wagering huge amounts in order to win big. horse racing

Horse racing is legal in almost all countries and must be held in accordance with the laws of the respective states. Most countries look to regulate the sport rather then ban it altogether as it serves as a vital means of revenue for the Government in terms of taxes and other receivables. Therefore Horse racing serves not only as a means of betting but also is a source of income to the governments as well.

Horse racing has become a truly global sport and the leading sportsbooks offer comprehensive racebooks. The horse racing betting market today is huge and is constantly getting bigger. Kentucky Derby, Epsom Derby, to name a few, attract record number of crowds.

So, if you are a first timer or a seasoned punter, the thrill of horse race betting will never cease to amaze you.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Poker - Skill or Chance ?

I have always wondered if in poker – skill or chance matter. In December 2008, the eastern division of the Danish High Court ruled that poker is a game of chance. There have been similar rulings elsewhere wherein poker has been defined by law to be a game of pure luck, where the player has very little chance to influence the gaming. Even the scientific fraternity has also challenged the long-held notion that poker is a game of luck, where instruction and strategy are immaterial - by showing that the card game is based on pure skill. Poker : Skill or Chance?

In 2008, Michael DeDonno, a doctoral student from Case Western Reserve University, had 41 college students play eight games, totaling 200 hands, of Texas Hold'em, a computerized simulation of 10-player Hold'em poker. Overall most of the students had little experience playing poker. Half of the students in the first group were given charts that ranked the two-card combinations from best to the worst and also learned that professional poker players typically play about 15 percent of the hands dealt them. The other group was given background on the history of poker with no strategies. The findings were that students given some strategies and basic online poker rules to make decisions did better than those without the strategies.

To statistically verify the results from the first study, DeDonno conducted a second study, but had students play 720 hands. Again the group was divided into those provided with strategies and those with just a history of playing poker. While all students improved their playing with practice over the large number of hands, the group given strategies continued to do better than those without the added information. With this he was able to prove that skill wins out in playing poker. Poker : Skill or Chance?

Personally speaking I question the very idea of poker being a game of luck alone. It may take a couple of hours to learn a game such as Texas Hold'em in theory. Hand rankings and game play is pretty much standard save a few variations on rules and regulations. However it takes a lifetime of playing to really master it. Poker – Skill or chance looks to be a continuing debate for me. The existence of professional players proves that chance is not the determining factor, skill and dedication is. In the game of cricket any and I really mean any idiot who can swing a bat has a chance of hitting the ball but only a few can use the bat as a professional can. Also one would not find countless poker strategy books or web pages devoted purely to poker strategies.

A poker game is not won merely by the strength of your hand. A poker player needs to consider a lot of indicators - tells, pot odds, probabilities . before deciding on a move. A brilliant player could even make a statistically incorrect play in-order to fool the opponents into thinking that he has a stronger hand.

So, Poker -Skill or Chance ? ….the debate goes on.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bingo Online

Today the game has transformed in leaps and bounds from the days of having to travel to smoky, dingy Bingo halls just to get to play a decent game. Since internet casinos have introduced the bingo playing world to Bingo Online, playing the game has become extremely convenient. 

Allowing people to play from the comfort of their homes, Bingo Online was a concept started mainly due to the introduction of a new proposal in the United States that stated that smoking should be banned in all public places. This included restaurants and bars. Proprietors of local keno halls felt that such a proposal would be detrimental to their earnings and cause many people to stay at home and play Bingo Online on the online casinos rather than go to the local keno halls.Bingo Online

The transformation of computers and the Internet has transformed the way we play Bingo Online. Faster Internet speeds, better computer graphics and a highly efficient and user friendly interface has made playing Bingo Online a pleasure. Similar to playing poker online , the upside to playing Bingo Online is that players get to play from the comfort of their own homes be it in their ‘undies’ or in a ‘tux’, the truth is no one cares, as long as they don’t use any unfair means to tweak the odds in their favor.

Online, the bingo cash prizes are as huge as in live bingo if not more, given the fact that it pulls more people who would rather play from home than go out and play. On the other hand people prefer live Bingo Halls for all the excitement they have to offer as opposed to Bingo Online. Also there is a shadow of doubt in peoples’ minds that there is a possibility of certain specimens using an unfair advantage to tip the scales in their favor.

Playing the game of Bingo Online wasn’t possible even a decade ago as the internet connections were either too slow or the computers were too inferior. Now since Bingo has gone online and is easily playable we can expect an influx of more players as well as better awareness of the game.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poker CPA Program

CPA is Cost per Acquisition, in a poker CPA program ; a poker room pays a set fees or incentive to an affiliate when on every player that they bring in irrespective of their earnings.

Revenue share is a share wherein the affiliate gets a percentage, normally starts at 20%, of all the players’ revenue that they generate.

Study suggests that organization just started out for the short-term to go for a poker CPA program, while long-term look more towards revenue share, however then you have to remember this old CPA program

There is no specific conclusion as it has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are affiliates who prefer a poker CPA program. However, in long term prospects than it has been suggested that affiliates shall opt for revenue share and not CPA program.

Let’s see what party poker affiliate program offers its affiliates, Affiliates of party poker are given two options. With poker CPA program, an affiliate gets $65 per player or can get a revenue share of 20% on each player.

Let’s take an example to explain these plans. With CPA program, get in 5 new players, all with “bonus whores” deduct 20% to $100 sign-up bonus at $0.5/$1 and withdraw. The total revenue paid for the players would be approximately negative $300. On a revenue share plan, you would earn no money at this point and would actually be in the red. You may consider a poker CPA program as a good plan. lets see the other side of the coin. The account manager looks at your stats and understands that you are owed $325 affiliate funds due to CPA program. Also he sees that your account is negative therefore he blocks the amount not allowing it to be withdrawn until the stats turn out positive. This is a ethical and a standard business practice.

With revenue share program, if an affiliate gets 5 new players and all of whom start playing the $10/$20 tables, multi-tabling. They would generate $8,000 in revenue in the first month. Here you may get 20% of that, or $1600. On a poker CPA program, you’d get just $325.

The poker rooms are established with the poker CPA programinterest to make money and would only appreciate or except affiliates that would bring consistent business to them. They’re not going to entertain or pay an affiliate who is actually losing money for them. This is practiced by most of the online poker rooms, and there’s nothing wrong with what the poker room is doing; it’s just yet another reason why poker CPA program is not considered.

This article provides suggestive information for people who are willing to be an affiliate or want some information on it. If a poker room offers a choice then it is been suggested that affiliates should opt for revenue share program and not a poker CPA program as this program is considered to be profitable on a long term business prospects and also to create a recognition or status among online poker rooms .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poker Chip Tricks

Juggling champagne bottles is a great trick that bartenders have been doing to attract clientele. Similarly in the poker world, poker chip tricks have come of age. Started of as manipulations of poker chips,showing off  and way of passing time, poker chip tricks provide an avenue for players to intimidate fellow poker players.

Today players and spectators alike welcome unique skills at a table and consider anyone able to do masterful poker chip tricks and poker card handling as someone who "really knows how to play poker!". The same holds true for the cheque poker chip trickshandling skills of the dealer as well.

A few poker chip tricks currently in vogue include the Butterfly where a stack of four chips is evenly spread out between the five fingers and the Flip where in the front chip in the stack is flipped to the back of the stack. Some other interesting tricks include the Knuckle Roll, the Muscle Pass and Round the clock.

Poker chip tricks can also be used as tells by experienced hands. They will tell you that great poker hands trigger strange reactions in the competitors. It has been also noticed that poker chip tricks can be a dead give away for a few players as well. A straight flush may trigger a knuckle roll in a few players.

So flaunt them if you have them, poker chip tricks not only intrigue the spectators but also give you that added advantage in the poker game.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Online Poker Bonus

Online poker bonus is an integral part of Internet poker. Just a bonus won't make you a winning player, but it can definitely help you along the way. These bonuses are perfect for those who are building a bankroll. The bonus can cover up for mistakes new players commit or just be extra cash on top of the winnings from the game. The most common and popular type of bonus is the sign-up match bonus where a site offers you money for signing up with their site equal to a percentage of the initial deposit.This percentage can be 100 percent or even more with some site promotions. The concept of an online poker bonus has a few online poker bonuspros and cons associated with it.

Pros:                                                                                    1.Financial Benefit
The most obvious upside to an online poker bonus is that it fetches you free money. All you have to do to get it is sign up for the site with the proper code and play on the site, which you would do anyway. If you're a winning player, this increases your expected value. If you are a losing player, it can stop the bleeding and if you're somewhere in between, it can put you over the top.

2. Shopping Around
The online poker bonus is a feature that attracts a player to any site.The online sign-up bonus allows you to test out a new site without investing too much of your own capital. You can play as long as it takes to release the bonus, and if you decide you enjoy playing on that particular site, keep going. If you don't care for it, you can take your bonus money and head elsewhere.
3. No Obligation
Collecting a sign-up bonus from one online poker site does not preclude you from collecting another one on a different site. All that is required is that you play the requisite number of hands to clear the bonus into your account. Beyond that, what you do with your online poker time is up to you.

1. Clearing Requirements
You will not be able to collect your online poker bonus until you play a certain number of raked hands, usually determined by the size of your bonus. This is a reasonable requirement on the part of the site, however, if you decide you do not like the site right away, you will still be stuck playing on it for awhile in order to clear your bonus. Fortunately, most sites have non-sticky bonuses, which mean that once you meet the requirements you can withdraw all of your bonus money without penalty.

2. Time Requirements onine poker bonus
Most sites require you clear your bonus within a given amount of time. If you deplete your bankroll and cannot reload your account in time to play the given number of raked hands, you may lose your bonus. If you play a super tight no limit texas hold’em game, clearing a bonus might take some time.

3. Overconfidence
Resist the temptation to see the bonus chips as house money. The online poker bonus  is real money that belongs to you, and you should treat it with just as much respect as money you earned from your job. Playing recklessly with bonus money because it was so easy to get is just a waste.

In short online poker bonus can be considered as an incentive that is given by a poker room to players.The bonuses come with a code that needs to be entered at the time of depositing, this code is the bonus code. The rate of how fast a bonus will clear is called the clear rate and the expiration time is the time available to the players before the bonus expires. These are some of the terms associated with an online poker bonus.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Full Tilt Poker Review

Full Tilt LobbyFull Tilt Poker is another card room that i was able to review recently . Here are a few excerpts from my full tilt poker review.Full Tilt Poker has a number of deposit methods catering to the needs of most online gamers. This differs from country to country and can be confusing when getting advice from overseas friends. The best thing to do here would be to check out the full tilt site before you decide to play on full tilt.

Depositing is made easy, there is no need to provide a mass of personal details to start playing on the site. Full Tilt Poker accepts a minimum deposit amount of $30USD. There are no fees charged to make a deposit. Processing of deposits is fast and hassle free, with some methods - INSTANT.

Tournaments and Sit N Go's 8/10'
The highlight of my full tilt poker review has to be the tournaments section.Full Tilt Poker is home to some of the biggest online tournaments available. Each week, Full Tilt poker has a GTD $750,000.00 tournament. The buy in for this tournament is only $200+$16 making it well worth the entry. Full Tilt poker also has tournaments with 350k GTD, 75kGTD and more. Entry can be made into these tournaments through satellites and using Full Tilt points. It can be very cheap to enter with satellites starting at $1.

On the lowest scale of the tournament ladder, Full Tilt poker offers freerolls to its customers daily. They offer individual freerolls to residents of most countries so you play against those on your home soil only. Also daily Full Tilt poker offers a $15 freeroll  for all Full Tilt customers. This is a great opportunity to experience the Full Tilt poker tournament for all new players and also to increase your bankroll at the same time. There are also as mentioned above, new depositor freerolls monthly.

On the scale of low limit buy-ins, tournaments start from $1 each right through to your desired limit. The tournaments at these levels include regular tournaments through to satellites for the major Full Tilt tournaments mentioned above. Tournaments for almost every poker variant can be played including mixed games.

To save you waiting for your tournament to start, Full Tilt poker offers SNG from a minimum $1+25c, through to a massive $4225+$425. What i also observed in my full tilt poker review is that there is a Sit N Go to suit every budget with minimal wait.Again, these are available in most poker variants and mixed games. Satellites for the major tourneys are also available by simply sitting and going.

Full Tilt poker offers its customers the unique Matrix Sit N Go's where SNG tournaments are played at once with the winner of each tournament taking down cash as well as the overall winner of all

There are a mass of cash prizes to be won for any patient, skilled and lucky tournament or sit and go player. Payout structures are fair and well worth the effort, come in 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 100th in the bigger tournaments and you are going to be rewarded for your efforts.There are few low limit guaranteed dollar tournaments.

Software 7/10
The software is simple to use, I suggest doing the guided tour prior to finding your favorite game though as Full Tilt has a lot to offer. The graphics are not the best available online, but if your computer and internet speed isn't the fastest it will suit your needs. Avatars are available in a number of different cartoon characters; the choice is yours, panda, zombie, army girl or a dog as examples. Customer avatars are available in the Full Tilt poker store but are expensive. They are also available to the Full Tilt professional players and major tourney winners. A simple click on you character (avatar) and your facial expressions can be changed according to your feelings, angry, happy etc.
Full Tilt Table

Different backgrounds are available so you can play on your desired table. The tables offer a multitude of features, some of the best in the game! This includes hand history, current tournament standings and instant click to take you to the tournament lobby. In a ring game, chips are available by the click of a button.

3 different lobby's are available to choose from. The most recent lobby is not as stable as the older available ones. Overall however the software is reliable and stable & I have given it a score of 7 in my full tilt poker review.

Payouts 8/10
Payouts are easy, very non complicated with Full Tilt poker. They are handled fast and professionally. Checks are usually received usually within 7 days for US customers, a little longer for other countries.Other withdrawal methods (dependable on country) include:

  • Netteller
  • Visa
  • Money bookers
  • Click2pay
  • Click and buy
  • Local Bank Transfer
  • Web Money

As per my full tilt poker review each withdrawal method allows a minimum of $50 and the maximum varies up to the sum of $10,000 for the local bank transfer method. Some methods are almost instant; pending approval and others take 3-5 working days.

Customer Service 5/10
Full Tilt is fairly prompt with their customer service. The only method of service however is email, where other sites offer live chat and phone support.

Traffic 10/10

This full tilt poker review has the traffic for the site at a score of 10 for many reasons. Full Tilt Poker is one of the true online gaming giants with plenty of action available 24/7 at most levels of play. High stakes play attracts probably the least traffic.

Games Selection 10/10

I always give the Games Selection section a lot of importance in all my poker room reviews and the full tilt poker review is no different. Hold'em – Full Tilt poker offers its players No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit Hold’em tables from the lowest to the highest of stakes. Tables are available anywhere from 2 seat play (heads-up) through to 10 seats. All Hold'em games are available in tournament play and Sit N Go's also from low to high stakes.

Omaha – Full Tilt offers their customers both Omaha hi and Omaha hi/ lo. The Omaha tables are commonly in use by big name pros playing high stakes. Omaha is available at all stakes from even the lowest level micro 1c and 2c. Tournaments and Sit N Go's run continually.

7 card stud adds to the games list on Full Tilt Poker. It is a less commonly known game but again, available from low to higher stakes.

Razz can be hard to find on an online gaming site. It is a less then popular game but loads of fun. Full Tilt offers this game to its customers from low to medium / high stakes. Tournaments are not as commonly found as with the other poker variants.
H.O.R.S.E. - H.O.R.S.E is yet another uncommon online game. Horse includes most of the poker variants, it is a mixed game. Fulltilt poker offers H.O.R.S.E in both ring games and tournament. Stakes again from low to medium / high. Hence the full tilt poker review rates the game selection section at 10.

Other features 10/10
Full Tilt Poker has a huge variety of other features available for its customers. They have huge amount of professional poker players who play both on and offline at various stakes from all over the world. They offer chat sessions with the pros as well as online guides and advice from them. Full Tilt send out regular emails to their customers informing them of the latest hypes on the site as well as including some brilliant advice from the pros. The Full Tilt shop offers trendy merchandise to fans and players alike making earning Full Tilt points all the more fun.

As per my full tilt poker review, Full Tilt Poker is place that every player would enjoy playing on. The software is simple, easy deposit and withdrawal methods and clean graphics. Full Tilt Poker has all the poker game variants on offer and a absolute treat to play on.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poker Bankroll

Poker bankroll is  the amount of money set aside to play online poker.It is also referred to as rolling money. Most of the players who prefer playing online poker with real money find it difficult to set a bankroll as they have full control on their money. It is one of the vital poker strategy that you need to know before you begin to play with real money. poker bankroll

Before playing with real money it is advisable to select a specific poker room and also look out for the offers provided by the poker room. Once you get used to the table and also are well versed with the rules and strategies, set a specific poker bankroll that you will able to gamble with the help of you proficiency.

Let’s see how to play with different strength of poker bankroll

$200 and less

You have two options here, either you play stakes around $.5-1.00 limit or play $5 Sit and Go Tournaments (SNG's). Also make a note that some of the $5 SNG’s involve $1 entry fee which is 20% rake. Therefore it is suggested that players who have a low poker bankroll shall go for $10 SNG's, which requires a bankroll of around $400. Make sure you do not open an account with less than $150. If at all you open an account with less than that, you would not have sufficient amount to counter strike some bad beats and have enough money to avoid going bust.

$500 to $900

This shall be considered as healthy bankroll. Now start playing some $5-1.00 games until you get used to the strategies and realize that you can take a step ahead. Once you have a bankroll of $1000, jump to $1-2 limit. All you need to do is to understand the level of competence and adapt your strategies with real money to build a better poker bankroll. $10 SNG table are also considered as a good option to get relevant experience without risking your poker bankroll and also making a consistent earning.

$1000 and more poker bankroll

Amazing…! This is a really healthy poker bankroll to start off with. As you have enough money to take calculated risk and beat weaker bets. You shall experiment with $0.5-1.00 or SNG’s for at least 2 weeks just to make you feel confident about the level of competition. Once you know you can do better then what you did earlier, go ahead to play $1-2 limit or $20 SNG’s. 

Your poker bankroll is your hard earned money so make sure you use it wisely. And only move to the next level until you’re confident enough that you can perform well. It is sad to know that 90% of online poker players lost their interest just because they did not understand what would be a better poker bankroll for them with respect to their proficiency. Online poker is a strategic game and shall be played cautiously when it involves real money. But before you think of setting up your poker bankroll, you should always use the play money sites to get prepared.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Action Poker Review

Action Poker is another card room that i was able to review recently . Here are a few excerpts of my action poker review. Action Poker has the basic selection of games available on most online poker sites. In addition this site offers popular Asian Games.

Bonuses and Promotions 10/10Action Poker Review Lobby
There are a ton of bonuses and promotions so I will briefly list them all in this action poker review. Firstly is the sign-up bonus. If you deposit through Ukash there is a 200% (that's right 200%) bonus up to a massive $1000. This is probably the highest you will find in the area of deposit bonuses on any poker site. Also on offer Get a 200% bonus on your first deposit with Instadebit up to a maximum of
$500. The bonus when signing up and depositing with other methods is 100% up to $2,500. This first depositors bonus is again remarkable. Once making your first deposit you get entry into the newbie tournament. This is a $500 newbie freeroll.

Action Poker has a number of promotions currently running. At the time of writing the action poker review, the card room has the following promotions. These will however change so keep this in mind. We will try to keep them updated as they change for this site.

  • Win your way to Vancouver winter games through Sit N Go Satellites.
  • Gold Diggers Freeroll tournament - With this tournament you use your gold bars that are collected on site to enter, the tournament runs daily, it is a NL Holdem tournament.
  • Action Poker has a League of Champions where you can join and play for your chance to win a Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) prize package to one fantastic destination.
  • A 10k guaranteed tournament runs weekly - you can satellite your way through for as little as $1+10c or buy direct for $30+$3.
  • The 200% bonus up to $1000 by depositing via Ukash is sure to not last as good things never do, so it has been added here also.
  • Another great promotion is learn from legends to be a legend. Action offers poker secrets from legendary poker players.
  • Action poker offers a 100% reload bonus. It is 100% reload bonuses on MoneyBookers and NETELLER additional deposits.

Other Features 8 / 10
Action Poker has an update news section available to its players at all times. Unlike most sites Action Poker have on offer; games popular in Asia such as Guts Poker, Chinese Poker, Big 2 Poker and Pan (Panguingue), which are not normally found on Western rooms. These were some of the distinct features that amazed me while doing the action poker review.

Deposit Methods 8/10
Action Poker deals in US dollars only, any monies deposited will be automatically converted for you. This poker room has quite a few deposit methods and these cater for the needs of most online gamers. Deposit methods are as follows:

1. Mastercard
2. Visa
3. Click2Pay
4. Instadebit
5. Moneybookers
6. eWalletXpress
7. Ukash
8. EcoCard
9. EntroPay
11. UseMyBank
13. Wire Transfer

Customer Service 8/10
Action Poker offers customer service by email and also live chat, 24/7. They do not offer support via telephone. Every query is responded to in a timely manor, big OR small.
Withdrawal Methods 6/ 10
Withdrawing from Action Poker is easy. All moneys withdrawn are converted from US dollars to your local currency. There are a few methods to choose from. In order to make my action poker review simpler, I have listed these methods and approximate time frames to receive your hard earned cash.

  1. Withdrawal by Moneybookers (24-48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday)
  2. Withdrawal by eWalletXpress (24-48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday)
  3. Withdrawal by EcoCard (24-48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday)
  4. Withdrawal by NETELLER (24-48 hours excluding Saturday and Sunday)
  5. Withdrawal by Wire Transfer (up to 7 business days)

Tournaments and Sit N Go's 6/10
There are satellites through to the weekly 10K guaranteed tournament and also through to the other current site promotions. Free rolls run daily but there are not too many of them.

While doing the action poker review , i found out that tournaments start at as little as 10c+1c through to $240+$24. The primary tournament focus is Texas Hold'em with not many other game variants available. Sit N Go's also start from 10c+1c but are through to $200+$10. Sit N Go's are available in heads up (2 players).

There are not a massive amount of tournaments available on Action Poker, certainly enough to keep most gamers active though. Sit N Go's run constantly so whilst waiting for the bigger tournaments these are always a secondary option.

Ring Games 6/10
Action Pokers ring game area is the most popular on the site. 2, 6 and 10 seater tables are available in the Texas Holdem variant. NL Texas Holdem is offered for 2 to 10 players per table. The stakes are 5c/10c through to $50/$100. Fixed Limit Texas Holdem is offered for 2 to 10 players per table. The stakes are 5c/10c through to $50/$100.

Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo is offered in 10 seater tables only with blinds of 5c/10c through to $10/$20. Please note that there is minimal traffic in this area of the site. As per my action poker review Omaha does not seem to be very popular on the site.

7 Card Stud hi and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo are available in limits from 50c/$1 through to $10/$20. 8 seater tables are available only. Please note that there is minimal traffic in this area of Action Poker.

Software 7/10
The graphics on Action Poker are very simple. The site is very neat and clean and runs extremely well. The software is stable and easy to use. The main lobby separates tournaments from ring games and each poker variant into its own little section and easy to use. As a result of which my action poker review rates the
software at a score of 7.

Game Selection 10/10
Action Poker has a basic poker variant game selection available. In Action Poker Review Tableaddition they have on offers; games popular in Asia such as Guts Poker, Chinese Poker, Big 2 Poker and Pan (Panguingue), which are not normally found on Western rooms. The entire selection includes:

  • Fixed Limit Texas Holdem - from 2 to 10 players - stakes are 5c/10c through to $50/$100. Available in tournaments and Sit N go's.
  • NL Texas Holdem - from 2 to 10 players - stakes are 5c/10c through to $50/$100. Available in tournaments and Sit N go's.
  • Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo - offered in 10 seater tables only with blinds of 5c/10c through to $10/$20. There is only a small amount of traffic in this area of Action Poker.
  • 7 Card Stud hi and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo - Limits from 50c/$1 through to $10/$20. 8 seater tables available only. Please note that there is minimal traffic in 7 card stud section.
  • Guts - available from the minimum stake of 10c through to $10 bets. Available in 10 seater tables.
  • Big 2 - 25c bets through to $5 - 4 seat tables available.
  • PAN - 25c through to $25. - 7 seat tables available.
  • 13 Card - 25c bets through to $10 - 4 seat tables available.

Traffic 7/10
The highlight of the action poker review is the traffic that Action Poker generates. It has around 2000 people minimum playing during non peak and a few hundred tables to join. At peak time the traffic increases. There is always some action for you on this site, regardless of your preference; tournaments or ring games. A traffic meter is displayed in the main lobby.

Overall the action poker review gives me the belief to rate Action Poker as a fast growing card room. A site that is generating ever increasing traffic and has the software to keep the customers content.

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