Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poker Bankroll

Poker bankroll is  the amount of money set aside to play online poker.It is also referred to as rolling money. Most of the players who prefer playing online poker with real money find it difficult to set a bankroll as they have full control on their money. It is one of the vital poker strategy that you need to know before you begin to play with real money. poker bankroll

Before playing with real money it is advisable to select a specific poker room and also look out for the offers provided by the poker room. Once you get used to the table and also are well versed with the rules and strategies, set a specific poker bankroll that you will able to gamble with the help of you proficiency.

Let’s see how to play with different strength of poker bankroll

$200 and less

You have two options here, either you play stakes around $.5-1.00 limit or play $5 Sit and Go Tournaments (SNG's). Also make a note that some of the $5 SNG’s involve $1 entry fee which is 20% rake. Therefore it is suggested that players who have a low poker bankroll shall go for $10 SNG's, which requires a bankroll of around $400. Make sure you do not open an account with less than $150. If at all you open an account with less than that, you would not have sufficient amount to counter strike some bad beats and have enough money to avoid going bust.

$500 to $900

This shall be considered as healthy bankroll. Now start playing some $5-1.00 games until you get used to the strategies and realize that you can take a step ahead. Once you have a bankroll of $1000, jump to $1-2 limit. All you need to do is to understand the level of competence and adapt your strategies with real money to build a better poker bankroll. $10 SNG table are also considered as a good option to get relevant experience without risking your poker bankroll and also making a consistent earning.

$1000 and more poker bankroll

Amazing…! This is a really healthy poker bankroll to start off with. As you have enough money to take calculated risk and beat weaker bets. You shall experiment with $0.5-1.00 or SNG’s for at least 2 weeks just to make you feel confident about the level of competition. Once you know you can do better then what you did earlier, go ahead to play $1-2 limit or $20 SNG’s. 

Your poker bankroll is your hard earned money so make sure you use it wisely. And only move to the next level until you’re confident enough that you can perform well. It is sad to know that 90% of online poker players lost their interest just because they did not understand what would be a better poker bankroll for them with respect to their proficiency. Online poker is a strategic game and shall be played cautiously when it involves real money. But before you think of setting up your poker bankroll, you should always use the play money sites to get prepared.


  1. I wish I had learned early on that you have to spend money to make money. I.e., you better be comfortable with a big bankroll if you're going to last a while. Sounds obvious but it's true....


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