Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is one of the most ancient sports, its roots date back to the prehistoric nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia who first domesticated the horse around about 4500 BC. Since then, Horse Racing flourished as the sport of kings and the nobility. In recent times it has become a novelty for many, both as a sport a well as a means of gaining revenue and rewards. horse racing

Horse racing was for centuries, a sport fit only for the Royals and the Elite classes of society, the Middle classes had neither the means nor the access to such luxuries. The recent booming economy coupled together with the growth of the middle class has brought Horse Racing to the so called ‘common man’.

With the extensive increase in fan following horse racing has found a place ‘in the hearts of many’ or rather in the ‘wallets of many’. The most recent developments in Horse Racing include the introduction of online betting. Along with the sport, the betting has also evolved with people wagering huge amounts in order to win big. horse racing

Horse racing is legal in almost all countries and must be held in accordance with the laws of the respective states. Most countries look to regulate the sport rather then ban it altogether as it serves as a vital means of revenue for the Government in terms of taxes and other receivables. Therefore Horse racing serves not only as a means of betting but also is a source of income to the governments as well.

Horse racing has become a truly global sport and the leading sportsbooks offer comprehensive racebooks. The horse racing betting market today is huge and is constantly getting bigger. Kentucky Derby, Epsom Derby, to name a few, attract record number of crowds.

So, if you are a first timer or a seasoned punter, the thrill of horse race betting will never cease to amaze you.


  1. In my own experience, Horse Racing is probably one the most ancient subject of Betting, moreover you can find it in every continent.

    Here in Italy, for example, horse races take place in many towns and even in little cities.

    Here, in fact, since 60's many local betting agencies were open only to bet on horse races, and only in late 90's some agencies began to accept sports betting.

    In latest few years in Italy the great diffusion of sports betting and of online games (mostly Poker) is decreasing amounts of money bet on Horse Racing, this is very sad and probably might strongly reduce horse racing business, what about other countries ?

  2. bohzo (Hello) Amy

    i never could get into this horse racing or dog racing stuff. My tribe loaded us all on a bus to visit our casino that we own, haha, we took pictures with well known people, got a hundred dollars and lost it all.

    When I was done I smelled like a smoke stack and was mad that I lost my FREE Benjamin Franklin paper and vowed never to go back to the place that smells.

    Have a great day and I enjoyed your article on the horses that run fast.



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