Monday, November 23, 2009

Poker Fish

This article is not about identifying the fish we have in the ocean, rather The poker fish on poker tables. Poker Players who are fish come from all countries and are found in all limits high and low. Poker players that are fish are also found in all poker variants. For the fisherman of online poker – this could not be better news. One question you must ask yourself is which of the 2 are you? Are you a fish or a fisherman? Many a poker player have said the famous quote “If you haven't worked out who the fish is at the table you are on in the first 5 minutes, the fish is YOU”. I guess this means we all need to snap to it and work out exactly how to identify these poker fish.pokerfishing

So how do we identify the poker players that are fish? Identifying poker fish is easier then one could imagine! Fish on a poker table stand out like nothing on earth. Fish can be identified in under 5 minutes and with ease. Of course these fish would be your prime target. The common poker fish has the following attributes I have identified in point form for you:

  • Fish flat call into most hands
  • Fish call into raises over and over
  • Fish call raises to the river with only Ace high
  • Fish are caught out with absolutely nothing as they chase to the river
  • Fish are easily trapped
  • Fish act out of position and make bets that simply don't add up

These are just common attributes found in poker players branded “fish”. These itemized attributes are the easiest ways to spot fish at all limits in an instant. Now remember, there is a difference between a good poker player making a mistake and a fish. You need to watch for many of the indicators in each poker player at your table to identify the fish, assumptions can not be made. If assumption are made you ARE the fish. A player who flat calls 3 hands in a row could be a great player with 3 great hands, this doesn't make him a fish – and I repeat the word GREAT not MONSTER (where you would raise!). You will determine that a player who has flat called 3 hands in a row is a good player; indicated by the hands that are turned over after play.

As stated above there are fish at all levels. Do not think because someone is playing medium stakes they are not a possible fish. Some people have more money then sense and play online poker as a means of entertainment only. In actual fact there are a load of casual online gamers who have never ending bankrolls. Not every person at higher stakes are online to make money. Poker isn't all serious business, it is to some people FUN!

Now that you know how to identify fish and identifying fish is on your mind – you really need to work on taking their money. Like with a normal fish in the ocean you identify, you have identified fish at the poker table. Put the bait out and trap them. Don't let them limp in with crap hands and trickily trap them in every way. Alike the common goldfish they have poor memories so your traps will be handy multiple times. Enjoy the poker fish!

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