Monday, November 16, 2009

Poker Room Reviews

There seems to be a all sorts of poker room reviews floating online. With new online poker room opening every day. Some rooms fade away as quick as they hit the online gaming arena where as others grow into the largest online poker rooms. Every individual has their own unique definition on what makes a great poker room. Reading authentic poker room review could change your definition on what makes a great poker room as you may not know everything available on each site.

Comparing poker rooms in the form of authentic poker reviews is a huge help for online poker players. By doing an in-depth review on every aspect of a room points things out that ordinarily we wouldn't know. Let's face it, we can't know everything about each and every poker room without poker room reviews as we simply don't play on them all.

review-coverThere are many poker room reviews on the internet. Some reviews available are less then useful as they are compiled by the poker rooms themselves as a means of advertising and also convincing you to their site. Many poker room reviews on small sites are biased and designed to sign you up to the particular room that the site wants you to play on. Usually when this is the case you find just 1 poker room or even 2 or 3 from the same network. Looking for a non biased and unique poker room review such as the ones on are few and far between. The reviews include sites from a number of networks and include the largest online poker reviews. We can be assured that reviews like these are authentic and non biased due to one particular thing: The reviews are scored into sections and calculated into an overall score for the room. The second thing that would indicate a non biased and authentic poker room review would be the fact that the reviews are on a large number of sites, all from different networks as mentioned above.

So just how are these online poker reviews done so they are precise, unique and most importantly authentic? Well, let me tell you it isn't as easy as it looks. A person completing a non biased and authentic poker room review must analyse every aspect of the room from the download page to the speed of the game.

There are certain sections of a poker room which must be looked at very carefully, understood and fine detailed in an authentic poker room review. Doing this on the largest online poker rooms can be a daunting task due to the content in them. It is no easy task to complete, this can be assured.

The reviews on show just what effort must be done to complete the reviews fairly and properly for optimum results for customers. The poker software must be downloaded, played on and have every section reviewed. These sections include:

1. Bonuses and Promotions

2. Traffic Levels

3. Available Games, Tournaments, Ring Games and the stakes and sizes they are available

4. The software performance, graphics and features.

5. Deposit and payment methods

6. Additional or extra features the site may offer that others don't.

This task as mentioned above is a massive task and takes many many hours, it is again not easy and takes a great online poker player with good knowledge of online gaming technology, poker sites and networks to complete. Although this can be attempted by anyone with the credentials they are going to have to have a load of knowledge of many online poker rooms and not just the largest online poker rooms to complete it.

Authentic poker reviews are very necessary to ensure that new online rooms are stacked up against the older and larger sites. Just because they are brand new doesn't mean they don't have an equal amount of winning probability, fun and enjoyment.

Check out authentic poker room reviews (make sure they have the indicated non biased factors) and make sure that you are getting the very best from your room in comparison with the others that are scored. Who knows? You may see a great new feature or find the benefits of changing rooms essential to your game and, without reading the reviews you would never have known.

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