Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Basic Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy

There is a basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy that can beat any holdem poker game. Not all strategies will work interchangeably. Because you are just learning, the assumption is that you will be starting out at low limit texas hold'em poker games.

This article is to help you form a basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy that will beat that poker game. As you move up in limits and find tougher opposition, your hold'em strategy will also have to evolve.


Beating low limit texas holdem isn't easy. In many ways forming a strategy that consistently wins at middle limit is easier. To begin with, there are many books about basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy but most are aimed at the upper limits. Using the same poker strategy at lower limits often will result in a loss, not a win. Next when you are learning Texas Hold’em at the low limits, there are rarely any good poker players to learn from so you get a warped view of how the poker game should be played correctly.

If a player was really good and capable of winning, he would have progressed up the limit ladder to bigger games. You may run into a good player now and then but it is rare compared to the vast amount of poor uninformed players feeding the poker community. Lastly, when you are first starting out, you have no knowledge or bankroll to build upon. Your foundation is little or nothing since there isn't much out there to read or learn. Now with that all said, it is possible to beat low limit holdem and by no means should you think that you need to start higher to have a perfect basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy. The learning curve may be sharp but once you get over the hump you'll find that moving up the ranks is easier than first starting out. You should find comfort in the fact that all the other poker players are facing the same challenges you are.

Taking the step to learn the Basic Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy as opposed to just haphazardly playing gives you a major advantage. A study was performed on college students and their post graduate goals. Of those that actually set goals, more than 90% achieved them. Right now because you are reading this you are on your way to becoming a winning player. And as soon as you do win a few times and leave with other people’s money, I'm sure you'll be hooked and will enjoy your Basic Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy.

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