Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lucky You Poker Movie Review

Most poker players by now have seen the poker movie Lucky You .I also know for a fact that an equal number of people may have written a lucky you poker movie review about it.  So you may ask why I am discussing this on my blog here. I find lucky you to be linked to various relationships that we have in our lives.

The movie Lucky You however is also a poker love story that many a male or even females can relate. Anyone who lives and breaths poker knows the game has it ups and downs similar to the effects on our various relationships. “Lucky You?” , I read these words and know that the wives, girlfriends, partners of poker players of all levels indeed are not so Lucky in a lot of ways. Poker goes beyond the ups and downs of winning and losing but also the ups and down of personal relationships surrounding players and their families as dictated partially in the film. To be in a relationship with a poker player can be disastrous regardless of the poker players level. Let me explain.

Your mate (partner) may be the worlds best texas holdem poker player, splendid with all the fame and riches that a poker player could possibly have. This does not make the relationship any easier. Poker players have long stints away from home and in-fact the higher they climb the more work there is to be done. Where is the luck in having love like that? A partner one never sees!

The poker profits that your partner may bring home the bacon, fame, fortune, glitz and glamour, regardless they keep you financially stable again though at a cost. Never ending hours on the internet playing or live at casinos. Again, where is the luck in love like that?

The poker movie Lucky You depicts a false sense of security for any person who's partner is a player. It shows the ups and downs, some complications and some great aspect of such relationships. What it doesn't show is: regardless of the biggest win on earth where all you financial gains are credited, where you hug your partner and jump for joy at the successes that once they are a poker player they are always a poker player. The gain for poker accreditation NEVER stops at the big win.

Poker creeps up on us, once it is part of our life it doesn't ever go away. The new movie deal dictates this, as does anyone reading this poker movie review that knows better. In the movie deal for anyone that hasn't watched it, an older man, banned from playing by his wife, a man who has never gained the success he so craved is forced by his inner needs to back and train a young gun. In the end this overwhelms him, he HAS to play, he must do what he set out to and have his name scribed as a poker legend.

Quite possibly the man and wife in the movie Deal could have been used as a follow up couple, a sequel rather; from Lucky You. Combining these two movie s would shows us the real meaning behind love, relationships and poker. Simply doing a  Lucky You poker movie review on its own is not enough to show the real deal. If non poker players watch the movie Lucky You; indeed they would be mislead on the actuality on how poker relationships work. Sequel please producer – lets see this couple in 3 years or as suggested with a sequel such as Deal would be 10, 20 or even 30 years!

Poker based relationships are not as spicy, hot and alluring as these producers make them out to be. Having a relationship with any poker player takes time, patience and effort – alike the game itself. Even those who share poker as a common interest will find troubles along their relationship path with disagreements over hands, play styles and bankrolls. When are we going to see a movie that shows this. One with a question mark at the end of Lucky You?

True love bares no barriers, or so they say! The romance and knowledge based around the movie Lucky You also shows this statement to be somewhat true. Well folks it isn't! Correct me if you believe me to be wrong but most relationships and love affairs based around the game of poker are disastrous in one way or another. For the understanding couples the relationship can last forever, of course as previously stated with ups and downs in accordance with bankroll swings and over seas trips. But without complete understanding (alike our lovely female actress in Lucky You) there is bound to be more than trouble.

I ask you, is the partner of a poker player that wins a million dollars to change their lives forever REALLY “Lucky”?  I ask you is the player who performs a lifelong poker dream in winning such a tournament really Lucky? Lucky You in many ways, Unlucky You in some. Enjoy the relationship ride that comes with this game of poker partnered friends! For the producers Lucky You should not have been based on a fictional love story which is beyond far from the truth!

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