Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Omaha vs Texas Holdem

< 7DF5CNU6D7X2 > I have always been thinking which poker game would win if there was a competition between Omaha vs Texas Holdem. Can Omaha Beat Texas Holdem? My opinion is No. Limit Texas Hold'em has swept the globe and is booming in every corner of it. Every major poker championship sees a No Limit Texas Hold'em Main Event winner crowned. With each of these championships however come other events; smaller NL Texas Hold'em Buy-ins through to other variants such as the second most popular worldwide Omaha.  Omaha vs Texas Holdem

Omaha events draw a lot smaller crowd with sometimes 4000 contestants in NL Hold'em compared to just a few hundred in Omaha. Is it possible that in a Omaha vs Texas Holdem tussle , Omaha can ever beat NL Texas Hold'em? Will we ever see an Omaha Main Event?

As I write this sentence I consider it unlikely for many reasons especially when i compare the two poker variants. The pub poker scene is one thing which will make a passing of NL Texas Hold’em by the game Omaha impossible. Pub poker draws new players to the world of poker and certainly they don't learn, play or teach Omaha at the pub poker venues. If we were to look at Australia's APL as an example; there are over 500,000 members – they all play Texas Hold'em. So when it comes to Omaha vs Texas Holdem with respect to pub poker , Omaha normally trails far behind.

Another reason I believe this to never be possible is the length of time it takes to play each game. If there were 4000 Omaha players racking up against each other on the felt it would take a month ( a little sarcasm) to complete. Omaha is a game where there ARE limits set. Pot Limits and Fixed Limits; No Limit does not apply to the game. With this time frame in mind players couldn't afford accommodation and the venues holding the tournaments wouldn't make money. The buy-ins have additional rake and this rake covers tournament staff, dealers and waitress wages (just to name a few). There are then the smaller costs such as power and bathrooms.

Omaha is as much a game of skill as NL Texas Hold'em, for a beginner it is much more difficult with many more choices and learning to deal with the draw concept of the game. It appears to take a lot longer to learn how to play Omaha; specifically Omaha Hi/Lo which is another argument on its own. Which Omaha Variant WOULD possibly beat NL Texas Hold'em? I would give an immediate “impossible” answer to Omaha Hi/Lo, I don't think it will ever happen and the Omaha vs Texas Holdem dilemma will continue for a very long time. Omaha vs Texas Holdem

I would also give an immediate no to Omaha Fixed Limit, it simply moves too slow. It seems that players like a much faster moving game. This is not the case for all players though with many (specifically the older generation players) sticking to Omaha as their primary game of choice over Texas Holdem.

Omaha is becoming more and more popular; especially online. I see thousands of players each day registering for tournaments and playing cash games. As I say this however; the same applies to the already booming Texas Hold'em meaning Omaha isn't catching up. It is far from catching up.

Only time will tell who will win the Omaha vs Texas Holdem battle, for now though; I give it no hope!

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