Friday, March 12, 2010

Poker Movies

With this article, I will talk about some of the most famous poker movies that we have watched, admired, thrilled and laughed about.

Bob Le Flambeur (1956)One of the oldest poker movies of all time was Bob Le Flambeur which was released in the year 1956 in this movie, Bob is a gambler residing in Paris, he is nearly broke due to a string of bad luck. He gets to know that Deauville Casino has unreal amounts of cash and is vulnerable in the early morning hours. He devises a complex plan to get his hands on the cash. He brings a safecracker and a young protégé on board. From here the things only get more complicated as Bob gets involved with a young lady. The police get news of this plan and Bob now has to tackle additional obstacles. It’s a thriller movie and a great piece of art work.

The Cincinati Kid (1965)

In the year 1965 The Cincinati Kid was released which created huge rounds and won a lot of international awards. Cincinnati Kid is a poker movie about a young, confident and ambitious poker player who wants to be the best in the country. Eric "The Kid" Stoner's finds himself challenging Lancey "The Man" Howard who is considered to be the best poker player in the country.

The movie is an adaptation of Richard Jessup's novel and is recommended for those who relish or at least play stud poker. This movie highlights machinations of the side-street gambling world. This poker movie is a compact package of drama, suspense and thrill. Stud poker is clearly at the forefront.

Rounders (1998)Rounders was released in 1998. This Matt Damon & Edward Norton starrer is about two friends who want to payoff a huge debt by playing poker which sets the stage for one of the best poker movies ever. Mike McDermott (Mat Damon) loses a bankroll of $30,000 in a hand of Texas Hold'em against the owner of an illegally run poker room that he often visits.Mike gives up cardsharping and returns to his law school to pursue a career in law. But he cannot stay away from the poker table when his buddy Les "Worm" Murphy (Edward Norten) is released from prison.

This movie is a cult classic. Poker players from all over the world can connect with this movie and relate to the characters of this movie. This poker movie is thought of as being the reason for the popularity of Texas Hold'em today. This movie created a huge hype and was a blockbuster in its category. The most recent blockbuster poker movie is 1 one which released in 2008 starring Ben Campbell is a math major at MIT. He has been accepted into Harvard Medical School. But there is one problem, he cannot afford $300,000 cost.21 (2008)

Micky Rosa, a professor spots his genius at math and invites Ben to join the blackjack team consisting of fellow students. The students are split into two groups and are taught all the tricks of the trade including card counting. Ben has to manage both sides of his life which is very strenuous for him. The rest of the movie revolves around how the team plays at the Vegas casinos and Ben's ultimate goal to get that 300,000.

Poker movies will always remain a contemporary subject to cinema and more of fine art works would be added in coming years

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