Monday, December 20, 2010

Betting Systems in Casino

If you have ever played at a casino before you have wondered at some point if there was some way to control the odds on a casino game to assure a winning bet. You may have even gone as far as penetrating for information on casino betting systems that “claim” to show you a method for beating the casinos.

The adverse reality is that the 99% of these systems are really fakes and there is no way to officially alter the odds of casino games (except in the case of using card counting) in the game of Blackjack which is a 100% legal strategy.

The idea of superstitions and “gut feelings” that so many players talk about in the casino is directly linked to what is known as the Gambler’s Fallacy, which is when a person assumes that an event is more likely to occur if it has not occurred for a long period of time. An example of this would be while playing Slots where the player assumes that the machine should be almost ready to pay out since it has not been won in a long time.

This assumption is of course inaccurate since we know that all casino games and especially Slots are completely randomized and each bet is independent of the next and will have no effect on previous or future outcomes. That being said, this concept is something that most players have trouble understanding which is why betting systems may seem like an attractive option, when in reality they do little to help win.

Over the years many different systems have been introduced for a variety of casino games with the goal of beating the house edge and creating a casino game with positive player expectations. Some of the systems which have gained the most notoriety include both the Martingale System (most popularly used for Roulette betting progression) as well as the Cancellation System which provides another method for bets. While both these systems provide a logical way for players to bet, the reality is that there are specific limitations (mainly bankroll size) that limit them from ever actually being effective during game play.

In general the best strategy that any casino player can use is appropriate bankroll management and strategy to ensure that they are only risking a defined amount of money each time they play. Utilizing Casino Comps is another popular method for getting a partial return on your wagers however this is usually just a small portion of your expected loss (usually around 20%).

While many of the betting systems on the market may seem attractive to use, they have been proven time and time again to be useless in beating the house rim over time in almost every single casino game. In the end while it is crucially important that each player understand the rules, strategy & odds for each casino game as this will give them the best possible chance for lowering the house edge.

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