Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sleep Deprivation Leads to Confidence for Online Poker Gamblers

Ask any professional poker player and they will tell you that trust is a key element of winning. Confident that the players believe they will win; tend to do much better in the poker of those who know themselves and their abilities.

A recent study indicates that sleep deprivation may actually be an advantage to poker players. The study indicated that those who have been deprived of sleep will focus more on positive outcomes in whatever they are doing. For poker players, that means a positive outlook in hands and tournaments that could decide the financial outcome for the night.

Twenty-nine participants agreed to be tested in various conditions. The subjects were tested after a full night of sleep, and also when they were kept up all night. The results showed that when a full night of sleep was had, the overall outlook was more negative.

"This study would explain why online poker players prefer to play in the middle of the night," said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins. "Sometimes poker players stay at the tables for upwards of eight hours at a time, and many will say they do better after they have settled into a groove on the tables after many hours of play."

In casinos, poker rooms around the world packed into the early hours of the morning. The late crowd fills the spaces, and many professionals, like to play at this time due to competition level. Be confident they will win is not always a good thing for the players.

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