Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Online Casino: What are Comp Points?

It is very common for online casinos to offer alluring bonuses to have new players on board. One of common bonuses offered is the welcome bonus which new players get after making their first deposit to fund their account. Apart from the familiar bonuses, there is another type of bonus which is basically given in reward-for-something form, Comp Points.

What are Comp Points?
Comp Points are points acquired for active participation in online casinos. Think of a reward system where in you deserve something from doing the things you should do in an online casino, like playing games. When a casino site offers Comp Points to players, each of them gets points when playing the games offered. Depending on the casinos preference, Comp Points you can get may differ from one game to another.

How to Get Comp Points?
One of the basic things you should do is to be sure about the online casino is catering Comp Points. This reward is basically activated the instance you validated your registration in a casino site and will have you a member of the Comp Points program. So, points begin to count the first time you play a game to the last under a real money account and is deducted by how much you want to convert. This would also mean that the more you get active or play the game you like playing in an online casino where points are counted, the more you can increase points. For instance, a casino might offer 6 points for every $20 wagered.

Comp Points Advantage
Now, why should you care about Comp Points? What will you get when you have acquired enough points?

Depending on the online casino, Comp Points may be converted into cash or prizes like gift cards or technical hardware. Comp Points to cash or prizes conversion may differ from one casino to another. Moreover, there might be different cash brackets or prize denominations equivalent to a certain Comp Points acquired. You may refer to the comp reward table for reference on what you will get when converting points of a certain amount. For instance, a casino might offer $1 for each 50 comp points.

Comp Points are beneficial for highly active players for the reason that points could increase rapidly based on the regularity and speed of activities. If you are this type of player, you may consider finding an online casino with comp Points offering. This way, you can get something back out from your gambling spending.

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