Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Badugi, Korean for “spotted dog”, is an increasingly popular game that is taking over online poker rooms and casinos world over. This Korean variant of draw poker, remains similar to the original game, with minor differences in rules.badugi poker

The game is an amalgamation of two types of poker, along with minor differences characteristic to Badugi itself. Learning how to play Badugi is also quite easy .Online Badugi is played using only the four “hole cards” dealt to the player. After an initial round of betting, the players’ objective is to attain the lowest hand value hand (similar to California Lowball), followed by three rounds of drawing, where the player can replace from zero to four of their cards by drawing from the deck (similar to three draw poker).

Cards in the same Badugi hand that are of the same value or belong to the same suit are discarded. Thus, the four-card hand becomes a three- or two- card hand. A player is said to have a “Badugi” when all four cards in their final hand are from different suits and have different ranks. The best hand in the game is A-2-3-4, all of different suits. The Badugi beats out all other three- or two-card hands.

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