Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poker Bonus Codes

Poker bonus codes are commonly associated with joining online poker rooms and casinos. They are very beneficial to you when used in the appropriate manner and also when they have a great deal associated with them. Almost every time we go to download an online poker site we find an option when signing up to insert a bonus code. There is some advise that can be given to you about finding codes and using a code suited to you below. Before it is all explained it should be emphasised that a bonus code 9/10 times WILL NOT WORK if you do not take the appropriate measures prior to downloading the poker and casino

It is always best to have a good look across affiliate sites and join the one offering the best benefits to you, the user prior to deciding on just any old poker bonus code. There are sites that will offer a lot more rakeback and higher bonuses then others. It is obviously best to seek out these sites. Some sites make playing poker almost 50% cheaper for you rake wise, others may offer a 100% signup bonus while some offer a lot less. Do your shopping.

After joining up with a respectable affiliate or rakeback site and obtaining the code, it is normally necessary to clear all cookies from your computer system. These cookies are used to track where you have been looking on the internet. If on downloading the software from your selected site (download from the site you join for your bonus code) you have not cleared your cookies you may find an issue. Your poker bonus code may not be recognized by the software and your bonus may not be applied. The poker software may pick up that you have visited another site instead. It is essential to remove them. Directions on how to remove cookies are normally given when downloading from your desired site.

After cookie removal its as easy as 1,2,3. Download, enter your details and the precise bonus code stipulated by the site. Ensure you do enter it precisely – if it is in CAPS enter in CAPS.

To find a decent poker bonus code there are a few steps you can take. Asking friends is always a good way, although friends may not have experience in checking out the latest deals. Typing in rakeback and affiliate sites into google always helps but you will be searching hundreds. My suggestion is to find a brilliant paying site and stick to it. One site in mind is which has some of the best and leading deals in the industry. I have had a really good look around and have not found better across the board deals.

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  1. I never knew what poker bonus codes wer, thanks for throwing some light on it..


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